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FC Bayern: An English newspaper attacked Hoenness as a "cheater" – Football spill reveals Pep Guardiola contract Manchester City


Football Leak: Has Bayern Munich stopped flying out of the Bundesliga? At the same time, English material was revealed against Uli Hoeneß and the Pep Guardiola contract city.

Peps Guardiola signed earlier than expected in Manchester City

News from 7 November 2018, at noon. 11:54: At the end of December 2015 Bayern announced that his former head coach at the end of the Peps Guardiola season will leave Munich. His New Destination: Manchester City. However, the contract was signed much earlier. The contract is dated 10 October 2015, ie two months before the formal notice, for example, The mirror reported in Football Leaks during the release of information.

Signed and fixed in your mind. Gardoill's talks and decisions were therefore to take place much earlier. During the signing, he was only two months with FCB this season. Even more striking is that almost nothing has leaked.

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Manchester City and Guardiola remained silent and as a British journalist Sunday mirror A few weeks after the announcement of the separation from Bavaria of speculation on citizens' change, they let the story out. All other media should take this message into account. After all, it was almost half a swindle. There was no deal, the deal was already dry.

Consequently, he held Skyblues control, the trainer's statement was about a month later. And Peps Guardiola? He was allowed and still enjoys a lot of money. In the first season, he won 13.5 million pounds, the following year – 16.75 million. For the last time, he extended the former Bayern coach until 2021. His salary certainly should not be negatively affected.

The English newspaper swings against Hoeneß

News from 7 November 2018, 08:57: Now in England there is a real bypass on the Säbener road, more precisely in the direction of Uli Hoeneß. As the Daily Mail writes a rather energetic signal, criticism of Bayern's president, the new rich clubs like Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain are simply "funny." After all, Hoeneß, according to the document, is a tax fraudstor. Come, at least Dick Turpin was wearing a mask, as the legend of Manchester says: "The paper draws parallel to the notorious eighteenth-century highway." "It's a guy who should listen to financially appealing!

In the course of the "football spill", these clubs were once again included in the crossfire, as there were huge financial injections in the Middle East. But this support must be considered as a gift, not a loan or a loan. Therefore, they should not be repaid. In addition, Daily Mail sees the main reason for a balanced league run in England, where there have been four different champions over the last six years. In comparison, in Italy and Germany it always was one team. Superliga would only benefit European football.

The document also highlights that FFP is responsible for allowing clubs such as Bayern to compete with top European clubs. FFP only meant that the top clubs had strengthened their position. All people, Henry, who is considered to be a "condemned German swindler", who should be a moral apostle, believes that this article is "a good lesson for all of us".

In accordance with the rules of fair play, the club can not spend more than necessary. The PSG in the summer of 2017 triggered a sense of the Brazilian Neymar record (222 m / FC Barcelona) and Kylian Mbappé (180 m / AS Monaco). The city of Manchester has also caused huge investment over the years.

Spanish La Liga calls for the consequences of Manchester City

News from November 6, 2018, 17:48: The Spanish Football League has called for UEFA after new discoveries about Manchester City to challenge England champions. Earlier Mirror had reported that the city was deceived by UEFA to circumvent the Financial Fair Play Rules (FFP). "UEFA must now intervene, enforce the rules and enforce all necessary sanctions," said Joris Evers, a spokeswoman for La Liga, from the British newspaper The Times. "UEFA should do its job and implement FFP." Spanish criticism is also directed against the French football champion Paris Saint-Germain.

According to Spiegel, sponsors of the Man City Abu Dhabi, including the Etihad, reportedly paid less money to the club than indicated in the contracts. Club owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in turn, has added sponsorship payments to his payments. "The leaks prove what we have been saying a year," Evers said.

The city of Manchester said that it did not respond to allegations. Town coach Peps Guardiola told a press conference on Monday that he is confident about the club. "Of course, they want to comply with the rules," said Guardiola, "they do everything they need to do. Believe me, I'm completely honest. I do not know what's going on right now."

According to the president of the La Liga newspaper, Javier Tebas wrote to UEFA a year ago, demanding Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain to be punished for their actions.

The European League stands out against the Super Bowl

Messages of November 6, 2018, 11:48 pm: The unification of European units has clearly moved against the possible introduction of football super-agreements. According to a statement issued on Tuesday, the European League has always expressed its strong opposition to the creation of a closed Super League. "Proposals for a closed Super Bowl will have a serious and lasting impact on the sustainability of football in Europe."

Combining 32 league titles in 25 countries with 900 clubs also said: "The League supports a pyramidal European model of sport, in which the competition center has the promotion and downgrading mechanisms and the benefits of club sports."

It is said that the consulting firm represents Real Madrid in October plans for the introduction of the Super League, rather than competing with the Champions League, reported Der Spiegel on Friday. So, 16 major clubs, including FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, will be signed on 16th this month. The two club officials said they did not know about it at the weekend.

Football Leak: Club Unlawfully Subsidized? AS Monaco rejects allegations

Messages from November 05, 2018, 18:22 clock: AS Monaco has rejected media reports that the football club may have been illegally funded with an incorrect $ million deal with a marketing company. The club's statement on Monday reported that reports contain "false information and many inaccuracies." Mirror and other media, including the French side Mediapart, in connection with the so-called football defeat, reported that club owner Dmitry Rybolovlev has subsidized the club for years and thus violated UEFA rules.

It is alleged that Rybolowlew has tried to hide illegal funding through a marketing contract using an offshore structure in the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong. Monaco announced that, although there was an agreement with a marketing agency. However, this contract was not yet in force, so he was not credited to the club account.

Soccer Leak: Guardilla's former Bayern coach club misled millions

Message from November 5, 2018, 14:37: Following the Paris Saint-Germain and FC Bayern English champions Manchester City are still under pressure. As Spiegel reported on a platform paper, on Monday, during a football spill on Monday, residents of Sheikh Mansour from Abu Dhabi since 2008 have repeatedly drowned sponsors' earnings on "hot" revenues and thus concealed unauthorized costs for their owner,

Infantino cross over fire – Is the FIFA boss violating the Ethics Committee?

Messages from 03 November 2018, 14.05 clock: FIFA responded to the wrath of media reports from the International Research Association. Dissatisfied former officials would be "false rumors and bad rumors", which runs counter to the World Football Association. FIFA is struggling, but she is not directly in the new allegations against her boss Gianni Infantino.

FC Bayern Munich is committed to the Bundesliga

2 November 2018, at noon 8:00 news: Bundesliga without Bayern Munich? Like a news magazine the mirror reported in its new cover story ("Dirty Deals"), Bayern was an international law firm in February 2016 to check if the exit from the Bundesliga is legally possible. And if the club should turn off the players on the national team.

Based on information from the online platform, Football Leaks reported the mirror the secret society of the seven largest European clubs. For three years, FC Bayern Munich (more information *), Juventus, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Arsenal FC and AC Milan behind Uefa to promote an independent Super League, This "European Subtle Contract" (ESL) ) could start with 16 teams already from 2020/21. Season

In return, Bayern has responded to the Spiegel report. With a clear denial – and a clear commitment by UEFA.

On Saturday, CEO Carl-Hein Rummenigge told Sky: "We fully support the arrival of the Bundesliga and, like Uefa, organize other races, which has never been doubted by Bayern."

The advertisement on the champion's website on Friday evening's press statement said:

Magazine Der Spiegel in current issue no. 45 dated November 3, 2013, has nominated Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as the small and medium name of the ECA chair of the European club organization organized by ECA clubs. "I reject it with all decisiveness and clarity," explains Rummenigge. "The vote on the agreement between UEFA and the ECA's reform was unanimous." Neither he nor Bayern Munich has ever acted to the detriment of the ECA.

Restored plans for the so-called Super League, to Der Spiegel also reported Bayern is neither known nor FC Bayern was involved in talks on this. Bayern also does not know why he is listed here in the document referred to as the "mirror".

"FC Bayern München," says Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, "his strong participation in the Bundesliga and, while I am the CEO of FC Bayern, also in the club competitions organized jointly by UEFA and the ECA."

Spiegel: Concrete plans for Super Bowl with FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund

Super League: Will FC Bayern Munich plan to abandon the Bundesliga?

Notice from 2 November 2018, 17.37. Bundesliga without Bayern Munich? First of all, it's hard to believe, should be a record-breaking champion's plan! as the mirror or Michigan has Judge Michael Gerlinger, who has checked the law office in February 2016, to what extent it is possible to leave the German league! It would also be a matter for FCB to continue to exclude national players! At that time, it was about the introduction of the Super League as a European Champions League player in the European Football Club. Gerling said that the mirrorthat psychic games to get out of the Bundesliga quickly "completely at the table." So there was a test that the contracts with the players would be invalid. The background of the new league is like money always. The gaming mode should allow each club to earn more than € 500 million in revenue! At that time, a new television contract was signed, which raised bigger cash in cafes in major clubs and provided Champions League reform in the four strongest leagues, each of which was in the group stage.

Is the topic complete? Not at all! loud the mirror At least the plans for the league have not been thrown away, but more concrete than thought! It is alleged that the consulting firm has submitted plans for Real Madrid in October. Consequently, the last 16 of this year's clubs, including FC Bayern, are scheduled to sign a letter of intent. If plans are implemented, 2021 will be the closing date of the champions league. Such a club league is attractive because they themselves can regulate competition as they wish. "The second certainly has the potential that the Super League is economical," Gerlinger said in the ARD. It's about full marketing. "Then you can get the last one out."

Bayern gave the mirror "The existence or content of the draft Memorandum of Understanding" is known to the club. A recent interview in the magazine was Karl-Heinz Rummenigge 11 friends Given that he is hoping for the introduction of the European Supercenter in the foreseeable future: "I suspect that this league will come on a day, but do not ask me when."

With Borussia Dortmund there is another German club, one of the separation clubs. BVB Executive Director Hans-Joachim Watzke did not comment directly on plans. But that there is a debate about Superliga now, "this is clear, and I also believe that some of the big clubs in Europe are knit, clear". However, these plans are probably "not very specific".

Report: Clubs could play Superliga

To 16 loud clubs the mirror from 2021 could play in the super league (as founders who can not be removed):

  • Bayern Munich
  • Real Madrid
  • FC Barcelona
  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea
  • Arsenal FC
  • Manchester City
  • Liverpool FC
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • Juventus Turin
  • AC Milan

Initially it would be like "initial guests":

  • Atlético Madrid
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Olympique Marseille
  • Inter Milan
  • AS Roma

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