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Fantastic Beast: Grindelwald Crime (2018)

A few months after the turbulent events in New York that reduced the city's ruins, Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) sits in captivity and is taken to Europe to be held responsible for his atrocities. However, despite the highest security measures, Grindelwald manages an impressive escape He does not lose his time, collect his faithful followers and distribute the wrong plan. To do this, however, he needs trust (Ezra Miller), the new wizard who has now won his powerful and almost destroyed New York Obscurus. Grindelwald's teenage Albuss Dumbledore (Jude Law) is the only magician who is equal to or better than Grindelwald, but for some reason he can not compete with her. Therefore, he secretly asks his ex-teacher, passionate magician Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), to accept Grindelwald's heels, and to prevent him from trusting. Newt was illegally transferred to Paris in order to fulfill Dumbledore's mission, since Newt was deprived of the Masters travel permit after the incident in New York. He is accompanied by his darling friend Dan Fogler, who is looking for his unclean witch, Queenie (Alison Sudol) in Paris. New York hopes to recover Queenie Sister Tina (Katherine Waterston). She has since been re-advertised at Aurorin and is looking for herself for confidence. However, Newt, Tina, Grindelwald and Magic Ministries are not the only ones behind the young man.

Books and movies are two fundamentally different media and the fact that many readers forget or conceal when complaining that the new adaptation has left their favorite scene from the original. And while both media need a great creative approach from their creators, that does not mean that if one of them is very good, it is automatically translated into the other. Nobody knows Harry Potter producer J.K. Rowling denies her undying imagination and the ability to create a complicated magic world in all details. You as J.R.R. To call Tolkien, their generation would not be far away. But while her talent as a writer is not indisputable, she has a hard time writing a script for her second attempt. Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald Crime is an ambitious, sometimes daring, but hopelessly overloaded film, which in many scenes is much better suited to the novel than the 134 minute movie scenario.

First of all, we have the main view around Newton and his search for trust, and Grindelwald, as well as the efforts of Grindelwald, whose notions of blood purity are not near Voldemort (or Hitler). But also various current and past affairs. She wants to become part of Tina's life again, who, after misunderstanding, left her. However, he can still mourn his exiles, Leta Lestrange (Zoë Kravitz), who has his own demons and is now associated with the New Brother Teseisu (Callum Turner). This, in turn, seeks to win the New Work at the Ministry. The new one is also admired by his lovely assistant Bunty (Victoria Yeates). Jacob and Queenie love each other, but they have very different ways to deal with their forbidden relationships in the magic world. The fact that Grindelwald and Dumbledore once united more than just intimate friendships strongly points to the latter. Then we have the confidence to look for his true family. He is accompanied by the bloody Indonesian witch Nagini (Claudia Kim), who turns into a serpent at night and will keep this form one day. Harry PotterOf course, fans know where that happens. The Senegal magician, William Nadylam, and Magic Nine Hunter Ingvar Eggerts Sigurrsson, are also not very important.

If the movie sounds like that, it's because it's too much. The paths of many of these characters sometimes intersect in sometimes striking and sometimes tragic ways, and the film really does not allow the moment of negligence. Her love for details and sometimes extravagant envelopes that helped create characters or reinforce mythology has always been the strengths of Rowling's Harry Potter novels. However, they faced scenario writers and directors with the challenge of sorting out stories about the essential to make the films clearly focused. Even though some of the popular sub-pages of the fans had to be dropped, it was generally good for movies.

Without such a temporary control point, Rowling's imagination has left the story of a new movie. Finally, most of the plots are successfully merged, but the path to it is hectic. We move from one scene and one tells the next. This happens at the expense of individual stories and characters. David Yates has now seen the role of leader in the magic world, most of the character scenes and interactions are an end to combining a complex story with a great, exciting and even emotional finale. Some places and characters would have managed to have more space to develop their momentum. For example, the potentially interesting story between Newt and Leta is limited to a few short events and a meaningful glance.

At one point Rowling has learned from its predecessor. The crude property crime is no longer tone-blended. Partly, the first film did not succeed in combining its fan-like, family-like comedy-like and serious elements in a coherent whole. In this regard, the continuation looks like a one-stop shop and completely decides on the dark side. Grindelwall's crime is considerably darker and more serious than his predecessor. This is a movie where little children are destined to death. Rape and emotional abuse in relationships are addressed indirectly but clearly recognizable. The coincidence is that Grindelwald, being ideologically miserable, but a rhetorical leader who knows how to win good and honest souls, is a real correspondence in our world.

Unfortunately, the weakness of this series remains its main character. It's hard to say if it's a rather monotonous behavior of Eddie Redmayne (inconvenient to focus, socially uncomfortable, and regularly throw a hair clip into his face) or how his character is written, but surrounded by a fantastic ensemble and a dazzling world, Newt looks very pale. Even Harry Potter was not the most difficult character, but his experience as a teenager made him accessible. The street has no corners, edges or recognizable aspects. He's just kind, optimistic, idealistic, and if you think that Dumbledore is an extremely talented wizard, even though we have not seen it yet. Given the abundance of characters, Redmayne also almost does not take the opportunity to do more of his character, as the version of the script's sketch.

Jude Law is a very happy newcomer. Instead of copying Richard Harris or Michael Gambon, he covers Dumbledore, and it works brilliantly. His play is sovereign, witty, somewhat playful, but deeply sad and miserable. It's his scene in Hogwarts, one of the best films, and the music of the well-known "Hedwig theme" is just the whole heart. potterOne should make the fans beat faster.

Zoë Kravitz gives a long lasting impression on too short a screen. It emits both elegance, breathtaking beauty and instability, based on the tragic prehistory of her character. Dann Fogler and Alison Sudol, the amazing surprises of the latest movie, are also powerful moments in the sequel. Fogler makes a little fun for an otherwise funny story and Sudol makes this quirky Queenie, perhaps the most interesting development of the movie. Although this is not entirely believable, Sudol's unobtrusive blend of innocence, naivety and unpredictability can be forgotten.

Of course, many will be interested in hearing Johnny Dep as the Grindelwald title and the answer is … pretty stable. This is Johnny Depp who plays an eccentric, higher standard of living than character. You often saw it, you know what to expect, and usually it is. Who looks for a new iconic movie villain may be disappointed. Grindelwald is a one-way figure focused solely on her simple goal, which Depam gives an adequate life, while the costume and girls team does everything else.

Like all movies from Harry PotterThe universe also attracts Fantastic Beasts 2 with a dazzling look. From colleen atwood's creative costume design to lush backgrounds against the phenomenal computer effects, the film is an eyewear that requires as large a screen as possible. The ground-breaking flight at the cutting height is an uplifting sequence, like the last showdown. Although the main story is now focused on classical good and evil conflicts, the epic files are not too short and integrated even better than the predecessor of the plot. The most important are the Chinese Dragon Lion Zouwu, the unreal sweet (and useful!) Niffler and scariest movie cats ever Cuddly animal crypt,

At J.K. Rowling and David Yates's second, very sullen journey into a fantastic beast world would have been less. It is visual Crude property crime his eyes, this is a complicated story of brave ambition and a few moments, especially with Jude Law like Dumbledore, to successfully call Harry PotterMagic up. But a piece that is overloaded with countless plots and characters and the main protagonist of the bar prevents the continuation of the best movie in this magical world.

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