Monday , March 8 2021

Command & Conquer and C & C: Red Alert

If you see a nice sincere heart in this screenshot, you have very good news.If you see a nice sincere heart in this screenshot, you have very good news.

Old hands from real-time strategy players on the jump: EA announced by Reddit, the first remaster team Command & conquer, Epitome of the Tibetan conflict and its successor C & C: Red Alert, highlight.

And not as a popular smartphone version, but on a computer! Earlier, EA announced plans to think of Remaster. Now it's clear that they will start at the beginning of the legendary series of games.

In addition, EA launches a statement with a statement that looks forward to C & C's future:

"A month ago, we let the community find out that we're returning to the computer, starting with a remaster initiative."

It leaves plenty of room for maneuver, or EA wants to revive the franchise, even with brand new names. But it's still speculation, really tangible information relates to the announced C & C 1 and 2.

Celebration of veterans

To this end, the publisher collaborates with the developer Petroglyph, whose founders are largely excluded Former Westwood Studios developers – Two original C & C developers from 1995 and 1996. Thus, the real-time Urgesteine's head in new editions is on board, who needs to know the initial C & C vision very well. The closest examples, such as Joe Bostic, Steve Tall and Mike Legg, will return to classics in the upgraded version in the future.

Below you can watch a short video that you officially received from the developers in a statement about the mood of the remaster. By the way, it seems that they just received the message that they suddenly work on Command & Conquer again.

Both games appear together like Remaster CollectionAccording to EA, the Remaster package includes Command & Conquer Accelerations and Addons Counterattack and Retalition for Red Alert addons. On the other hand, unpopular micro-research EA wants to do without it.

If you want to read more about the long and not always gorgeous Command & Conquer type, we have a final overview of the pros of users that you can reach by clicking the button below:

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