Tuesday , March 21 2023

Cathy Hummels inserts an Instagram photo with her son Ludwig and receives criticism


Dubai –

A player woman just can not ask nobody!

Cathy Hummels is on vacation. Together with her son Ludwig, a 30 year old woman walks with elegant clothes through Dubai's oil metropolitan shopping malls.

The Instagram presentation takes her fan with her. She recently posted a photo showing her son Ludwig in her arms.

Cathy Hummels: "We're both going to the beach now"

"We're going to the beach twice now," Hummels writes below the picture.

As her son seems to be naked, she has put an emotional heart in his stomach to cover it.

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Though Hummel protects his little son with this gesture, the 30-year-old is upset by his followers with allegations.

"With a photo (just so good, so edited), your child does not have any advantages … Now he looks very naked and is a beautiful pedophile invitation," writes the Instagram user.

Instagram followers also criticize Mats Hummels

Others react slightly slightly.

So, Userin writes: "Unfortunately, it may also be that some people are already" on "with a diaper, so I'm usually good to not just show children, but let every mom / dad make her choice."

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Another thing is polls for many followers of the beauty of brunette: why there's no Mats in her picture?

"I have never seen three pictures, let alone family holidays, since I never see Mr. Hummels here, but only Cathy with the little one, I asked myself this question," the follower writes.

Instagram user for Matsu: "It's a pity"

Another user writes: "It's a pity if the dad sees it only in videos and photos, but that's it: a kid or a career. Of course, in professional football, not both, but I know what I would be more important."

If there is no covert accusation …


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