Sunday , February 28 2021

Böhmermann special stop: During the podcast, he tells us about unusual rail travel

He wanted to travel from Hamburg by train to Bremen but accidentally got on a train that traveled to Essen on schedule without stopping, said Böhmermann in his new podcast. In order to be able to arrive accurately in Bremen's Weser-Kurier evening event, he invited the driver to a special stop.

Böhmermann reported on a podcast and earlier on a newspaper event that the driver agreed with the special stop at Lauenbrücke (left Rothenburg) only after several conversations. From there, he continued with a regional train to Bremen. Lauenbrück is halfway between the two Hanseatic cities.

There must be an individual case

Deutsche Bahn did not want to confirm the case on Monday, but said on demand: "It is true that on November 2, IC 2195 at Lauenbrück station was a special stop." Regardless of whether Böhmermann had the reason for an unplanned stop, it remained open. Previously, General-Anzeiger reported this.

The additional stop was an "absolute exception", the railway called. "In the interests of all passengers, this really should be a separate incident, and we will point it to our colleagues." However, the action has no consequences.

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