Saturday , March 6 2021

Bayern star Sandro Wagner: "Dortmund is not a team" – Bundesliga

His self-confidence is uninterrupted!

Sandro Wagner (30) on Wednesday spoke in the plain text of the soccer tournament sponsor Paulaner. One of the topics of the conversation is the title fight in the Bundesliga. Bayern currently has fifth place, seven points behind the leaders of BVB. An attacker who is "brutal". However, he firmly believes in him.

Wagner: "Dortmund is also not so stable, not inactive, even if they have been successful: we are, of course, the best team that is best in Germany."

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Photo: Lino Mirgeler / Image Association

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Sandro Wagner (r.) And Kingsley Coman at a soccer match with sponsor PaulanerPhoto: Lino Mirgeler / Image Association

Wagner's main statement!

Bayern's star continues: "We have to be Germany champions this year, everything else would be a big boon, I think we have the best team in Germany." Therefore, every individual should have the goal of becoming a German champion, and do not say: a transitional year or a transition is absurd. to become Germany's champions. "

President Uli Hoeneßs (66 years) gave birth to Niko Kovac (47) after winning the AEK Athens 2-0 Championship and publicly supporting the coach.

Last run: More and more of Bayern's inner reaches out.

Wagner: "I've been there only since the second half of the season, we were a bunch of conspiracies." There were no things that were done outdoors. "It's amazing that in the last few weeks everything has been sporty." When you read it, you shake your head. we must strive to focus on our task in this area. "

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