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AfD donation scandal: Weidels District Association received € 150,000 from Belgium – transfer


AFD funding scandal The Weidels District Association received € 150,000 from Belgium – a transfer

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On Wednesday evening, the Weidelon District Alliance granted the second foreign donation On Wednesday evening, the Weidelon District Alliance granted the second foreign donation

On Wednesday evening, the Weidelon District Alliance granted the second foreign donation

Source: dpa / Christoph Schmidt

Anonymised campaign donation to AfD politician Alise Weidel is expanding.

  • First, the prosecutor stated that he wanted to investigate against Weidel.
  • In the evening, her district union recognized the second 150,000 euros donation from Belgium, which was sent back.

DIn addition to the large donations from the Swiss Party, he has received another sum of € 150,000 from Belgium. It was ambiguous about origin but was sent back, AFD said Wednesday afternoon in Berlin. The funds were received in Bodensee County on February 13, with the sender of "Stichting Identiteit Europa" and sent back after the exam on May 9.

The new process was announced on Tuesday by the government of the regional council. On the same day, the Afghan Southern Federal Managing Director, Hans Holger Malkoms, informed the Bundestag administration.

According to the party, the donation could have been accepted. "However, the AFD district association Bodenseekreis could not identify either the identity of donors or the donor motivation without a doubt, so he finally decided not to accept money from Stichting Identiteit Europa. For this reason, according to Rule 25 (3), second sentence, of the Political Parties Act, there was no but on May 9, 2015, the amount was transferred to the sender in full, "said the party.

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The point in point regulates the conditions under which parties can accept donations from abroad, such as donations from Germany or another EU citizen's property.

With the announcement of another transfer to AFD, the Belgian party apparently envisaged a media report. As the ARD portal tagesschau.de reported to the WDR, NDR, and Süddeutsche Zeitung, which had previously discovered the largest donation from Switzerland, it had already learned at the weekend that the Constitutional District Association, which included the head of the parliamentary group Alisa Weidel, moved from Belgium had received. They asked Weidel on Wednesday. In the evening, the federal party made this process public.

The prosecutor's office is determined

In the first major donation case from the Swiss prosecutor, he had previously announced that he wanted to investigate the head of the AFD Group on violations of party law. Letters were sent to the Bundestag to cancel their parliamentary immunity.

The institution involved the media coverage of a party donation and a criminal case that was needed to investigate allegations. However, it was not clear whether the offense was actually committed. Investigations can only be initiated if the immunity of the members of the Bundestag is lifted. There is a 48-hour deadline ending on Friday.

"Since the purpose of each casualty was to clarify the campaign's donation to Alice Weidel, it was announced to the Konstanz authorities on Wednesday in a press release. The Swiss donation was postponed by Zurich-based PWS Pharmawholesale International AG," trusting a business friend, "as its WDR, NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung "According to the" tagesschau.de "Weidels Kreisverband has to pay a legal fee of € 16,000 from Swiss money. At the end of 2017, only € 107,000 were left in the district account – too little to repay Swiss donations. Money from the EU country Belgium – From where the donation of a party is not illegal, but from EUR 50,000 to be reported to the Bundestag – went to AfT data in February 2018. According to Weidel, the Swiss amount was repaid back in April. In May, according to AfD figures, the Belgian transfer was repaid.

The name of the donor who sent money from Switzerland to Weidels Kreisverband am Bodensee remains in the dark. Brigitte Hinger, the treasurer of the Association of the Regions, told the German press that in the spring she had to repay about 130,000 euros in the spring, which was in separate parts of Switzerland last year. Prior to this, doubts over legality arose in the board of the district association. In the money transfer, she "obviously lost the donation". The fact that these 8,000 euros were not returned until now was only at the beginning of the week, as a media issue was observed.

FDP: Check for AfD financial management

Important Baden-Württemberg Afghan officials do not want to know about Belgian money. According to Landesschatzmeister, the French Kral and Landesparenudhef, Ralf Özkara, have been issued under the "tagesschau.de". Kral said that he had not been involved in any judicial review.

The FDP demands that the Bundestag president, Wolfgang Schäuble, as a whole, check the AFD's financial behavior. "This applies not only to ineligible donations from Switzerland and the obligation to announce donations from Belgium on other aspects, but also on other aspects," said FDL's internal representative Konstantin Kule in Berlin. "Stuttgart's" Rule of Law and Freedom of Conscience "measures are being scrutinized, providing enormous support for AFT election campaigns."

Donations of over € 1000 per year and donors from non-EU countries are illegal. If the donor is not a German. Weidel is the head of the AFD parliamentary group, a member of the party's federal government and a deputy chairman of the district association. The federal executive wants to advise on this issue on Friday. Under the law of political parties, a party who has illegally received donations and has not sent them to the chair of the Bundestag is subject to a three-fold penalty.

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