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A big muesli reminder: leftovers can have terrible consequences

The muesli manufacturer is currently warning of further consumption of several of its products. They contain hazardous residues.

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The muesli manufacturer recalls his product and warns about further consumption. Cause: Residues were found in muesli, which are also used as disinfectants.

Dortmund – Disinfectants muesli – sounds scary, and no one would eat it voluntarily. In one cereals however, residues that are commonly used are now actually detected disinfection should be used. The manufacturer of the affected product warns of the following consumption and it is called cereals – as well as two more of his products – back.

Withdrawal of large muesli throughout Germany: sesame seeds were also affected

No withdraw the affected products are a cereals and various seeds with sesame from the manufacturer Meienburg GmbH & Co. KG. The products were sold in supermarkets all over Germany. Specifically from withdraw are affected by:

  • “Frisian muesli Seesucht” (400 g, EAN 4009790008278) with lots / preferably until: 1217 / 05.06.2021
  • “Natural sesame seeds” (500 g and 1,000 g, EAN 4009790008902 and 4009790008919): 9732 / 21.09.2021, 9537 / 11.08.2021, 9157 / 02.06.2021, 8948 / 06.04.2021, 8934 / 01.04.2021, 8737 / 19.02.2021 and 8555 / 21.01.2021
  • “Peeled sesame seeds” (400 g, EAN 4009790008933): 9198 / 08.06.2021

Muesli reminder: the manufacturer detects toxic and carcinogenic residues

Problem with Friesian muesli and Sesame bean? How to writes, the manufacturer Meienburg in the investigation found that for some products’ has increased Ethylene oxide is “( has more recalls and warnings).

Chemical substance Ethylene oxide is not only toxic and carcinogenic by inhalation, but is also called Disinfectants used to reduce germ. Symptoms a poisoning With Ethylene oxide is loud product headache, dizziness and nausea, and vomiting.

The muesli manufacturer warns: In the worst case, toxic residues can cause coma

As the dose is increased, it may become more severe sanitary Damages Coming: After a high dose Ethylene oxide This can cause twitching, cramps and even cramps To leave come. In addition, there are Ethylene oxide irritates skin and respiratory tract.

A few hours after inhalation, the lungs may still fill with fluid and become Pulmonary edema lead, reports In addition. From below Muslis or Sesame bean therefore should be avoided.

Withdrawal of large muesli: the residue is actually used as a disinfectant

Anyone who has purchased one of the debited products can return it to the point of sale and receive a refund – even without a receipt. For a Queries The team is also available on the helpline on 0 44 61/98 60 50 and on the e-mail address [email protected]

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finally Muesli maker however: ‘This incident only applies to the above products. Meenburg takes the quality of its products very seriously. “

Just a few days ago, an organic producer from Bremen also warned of toxic and carcinogenic residues in its muesli. Also in this muesli from Allos Hof-Manufaktur was Ethylene oxide has been proven.

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