Monday , January 18 2021

Winter trading in January will be postponed for 15 days

Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises Alen Grisets announced on Friday that the trade will be suspended until January 20. They should normally start on 6 January.

The start of the winter sale in 2021 will be delayed. Called this Friday at the Sud Radio microphone, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises Alain Grisets announced the suspension of business activities until January 20 at the request of trade associations.

“I think it is appropriate to postpone today, so trading will begin on January 20,” Minister Sud-Radio said, adding that “we were legally able to start on the 6th.” The sale was due to start on January 6. The sale will last four weeks, the SME Ministry said.

Requests as of January 27th

Winter sales in France usually begin in the first half of January. But the French Confederation of Traders (CCF) and the French metropolitan artisan traders (CAMF) in particular had asked the government on Tuesday for such a postponement. Following the administrative closure, which ran from 30 October to 27 November, they considered it important for companies to be able to sell at a “fair price”, without price reductions, for several winter weeks in order to replenish cash. ” due to a coronavirus epidemic.

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“I consulted trade associations, there are many, I also consulted trade associations, so, as usual, opinions differ,” Mr Griset explained. “Some have asked for the 27th. I believe that 20 January is the right date, which will allow us to have a good period,” he added. Alain Grisets recalled that January 20 is also “the date all restaurants hoped for” to reopen their businesses.

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