Monday , January 18 2021

“Whole sections of my life are collapsing”

In an interview with Le Figaro, Daniel Auteuils shared his daily routine as a private theater actor. He also paid tribute to the memory of two friends who had recently died.

In October last year, Daniel Auteil had great success on television, broadcasting the miniseries in four episodes. Meli 2. In France, which was broadcast in two successive successions, this Iacono affair-inspired fiction attracted an average of 3.7 million viewers. Usually the actor had to continue with his performances Lunch in the air, which he wrote around poems by Jean-Paul Toulet with pianist Colin Russell and guitarist Arman Melje. But the second imprisonment forced the actors Manon des Sources review his calendar. Interview with Figaro, he is disappointed that he cannot speak in front of an audience: “I’m frustrated, my work has been interrupted. I’ve already done my Lunch in the Air exhibition in a dozen cities in 2019, I’m living in the hope of resuming it. who is waiting for someone to say “Come” to put on your helmet and leave. “

Specific profession

Become one of the most popular French film actors in forty years, with his first great success in 1980 Insufficiently gifted however, it was not predetermined to become an actor: “My mother had more serious ambitions, dreaming of a stable job in the town hall or in a bank where the job would be safe. She hadn’t anticipated that nothing would ever be safe. I made it. The right choice without obeying him.” Even though he is passionate about his work, the former companion of Emmanuelle Béart is familiar with its most complex aspects: “We are criticized for a superficial profession. We really spend our lives meeting and leaving people. But when there is an opportunity to find them, the conversation always begins where it ended. It is a special work of feelings where you have to confirm the soul, so as not to suffer too much. You often make small knocks here and there. “

Daniel Auteuil touched his heart

And exactly, bruises in the soul, Daniel Auteuil took very recently. The 70-year-old actor has endured the disappearance of two of his friends, director and actor Jean-Pierre Vincent (who died on November 4 at the age of 78) and producer Siril Kolbo-Justin (who died at the age of 7). November at the age of 50). The latter, who is much loved in this profession, was also moved by the deaths of many personalities who came in large numbers to his funeral. During his interview with Figaro, Daniel Auteuils does not hide his pain: “A few days apart, I lost two dear people, Jean-Pierre and then Siril Kolbo-Justin, a producer with whom I filmed five or six films. Jean-Pierre has more than ten years of life adventures. That’s what I’m saying. but suddenly we measure how fast time has passed.We realize that whole sections of life are collapsing … Basically, as long as “we live with those we love, they are still alive.” There is no doubt that returning to the theater will be the best actor’s clothes.

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