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Wall Street market stopped with a sharp drop in black gold (actualis)

NEW JORK, November 13 (Reuters) – Wall Street is over
not the fall of the second day
technology, but what is dry
from the industrial values ​​supported by the agreement's hope
it was difficult to trade between China and the United States
reducing energy values.

They have affected a sharp drop in prices
oil, light crude oil (West Texas Intermediate,
WTI), thus reaching the lowest level
for the year and their index has remained at 2.39%, so far
the biggest loss of industries per day.

On the other hand, the technology enabled the Nasdaq index
Combined to slightly convert the green color.

Dow Jones Index lost 100.69 points (0.40%)
25,286.49 points. S & P-500, wider, is 4.04 cd
point (0,15%) 2 722,18 points. Nasdaq Composite and
earned 1.38 points (0.02%) at 7.202.24 points. Closing price
S & P-500 is the lowest since October 31st.

On China-US Trade Issue, Larry
Kudlows, first advisor to the president of the United States
Donald Tumps said on Tuesday that the United States had been consulted
again with China on trade, its development
described as "very positive".

A little bit earlier in the Wall Street Journal, citing
Anonymous sources reported that the US Secretary of State
Trsor Steven Mnuchin was discussing trading on Friday
by telephone with Chinese Vice Prime Minister Liu He.

Chinese President Xi Jinpin and Donald Trump are needed
meeting at the twenty (G20) summit,
Argentina will take action, and investors hope both
countries will agree on tariffs and foreign currency
in the broad sense, their confrontation in this matter
which hit the financial markets this year.

"(Trading) question remains open, it's something
something remains in the work, "said Buki Hellwig (BB & T Wealth
Management). "It will continue to disrupt the market short
until it is resolved ".

Quarterly results "season" is his last
91% of the companies already have the S & P-500 index
publish their accounts and 77.5% of them outstrip
according to Refinitiv data.

The volume amounted to 8.2 billion of sold securities, one
slightly more than an average of 8.4 billion from the last 20 years


The S & P Technology Index has expired
almost unchanged, with an increase of 0.09%, and Apple's stock
who was back in the field
cd 5% monday finally ends with a 1% loss.

Goldman Sachs reduced its forecast for Tuesday by 6%
IPhone Sales and 3.5% Turnover Estimates
and finally, get a $ 222,209 bid back.

In the industrial sectors there were 0.45%
after Caterpillar's gains (+ 0.8%) and 3 million
(+ 0.7%).

More impressive is the performance of General Electric
, who wins 7.7%, announcing that he is going
to increase nearly four billion dollars (3.54 billion
Euro), accelerating the project for the sale of shares
Parakeet Baker Hughes as part of him
efforts to simplify and reduce activity

Home Depot stops Dow Jones
finally, 0.24%, after signaling a slowdown
The real estate market in the United States and says that the tariffs
could raise prices and disturb

Boeing cd 2.1%, with Indian investigators
found that the situation might be
Offshore Lion Air crew
Java is not included in the flight manual.


No significant US economic indicator has emerged


Major European stock markets ended
Tuesday, good hope for relaxation in the commercial front
between Washington and Beijing, the rebound of value
Technological Advances and Advances in the Brexit File That Is
allowed to offset the impact on the oil industry
low oil prices and tension in Italy.

In Paris, CAC 40 ended up with a profit of 0.85%
501.85 points, and German Dax was 1.3%.
British footsteps were punished with
British pound sterling, hoping for an agreement
Brexit and almost did not change (+ 0.01%).

The EuroStoxx 50 index was 0.96%
FTSEurofirst 300 gained 0.75% and Stoxx 600
was 0.67%.


The decline in oil prices has been weighed against profitability
Treasury with a disinfection aspect, promoting
The Federal Reserve is still progressive
monetary standardization.

Bond yields are two, 10 and 30 years old
finished the lowest level since November 2nd.

The US securities market was closed on Monday
Veterans Day.

There has been a slight decline in yields
good news ahead of Brexit.

European Union and European Union negotiators
Britain finally agreed on a draft agreement
from Brexita as British Prime Minister Theresa May
on Wednesday, less than five months from noon
official date of divorce.


The good news ahead of Brexit allowed a
increase in euros and pounds, thus triggering
the dollar yield, which peaked at 16 months on Monday
from 97,693 against the reference basket of currencies.

Thus, the dollar index was 0.15% 97.397.

After the euro, the value of the euro reached 0.34% to USD 1,12570
registered Monday 1.1216, which is lower since June 2017.

On the other hand, it was 0.48%, at 86.885 points, then
has fallen for the day by 86.82 pence, the lowest since
April 26

The pound picked up 0.82% to 1.2958 dollars while he was
almost 1% Monday.


Oil prices dropped sharply on Tuesday
New York Nymex, US Treaties on Raw Products
level that was not observed in a year and
contracts concluded at Brent since
last march


GDP day begins with a Japanese night
On tuesday, followed by german, at noon 7:00 GMT and one of them
from the euro area at 10:00 GMT.

(With Sruti Shankar, Stephen Kulpu, Richard Leong, Gertrude
Chavez-Dreyfuss, David Gaffen
Wilfrid Exbrayat for the French service)

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