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Wall Street AOF Analysis – US Securities Markets Shrouded Out – Indices & Activities


(AOF) – US stock markets closed on an unorganized Monday. Care must be taken before the mid-term elections. The context was also unclear, as there were questions about the fiscal tightening of the Fed and the development of a trade dispute between China and the United States. The value of the connection, Apple continued its descent. In the field of statistics, the ISM service index turned out to be better than expected in October. After the ring signal, Dow Jones was 0.76% to 2546170 points, while Nasdaq Composite was 0.38% to 7328.85 points.

Apple lost 2.84% to US $ 201.59. Sanctions on Friday for conservative forecasts in the fourth quarter of the calendar, iPhone manufacturer was the victim of Monday's information from the Nikkei Asian Review. According to media reports, the US group has announced to its subcontractors that they should opt out of increasing the number of iPhone® XR product lines.

Daily economic indicators

In October, the ISM service index was 60.3 in October, reaching a consensus of 59.3 and 61.6 in September.

Values ​​to be respected today

During the holiday season, Amazon offers free shipping with no minimum purchase for more than 3 million products. Usually you have to pay at least $ 25 to receive a free shipping or pay $ 119 per year for Premium membership. An e-commerce giant said he would offer these fees for a limited time to compete with Target and Walmart.

Berkshire Hathaway revealed better on Friday than its expected results in the third quarter and announced a stock purchase. Warren Buffett's investment company reported net income of $ 18.5 billion, or $ 11,280 per share, compared to net income of $ 4.07 billion or $ 2,473 for a Class A stock. a year ago. The new accounting rule required the company to record unrealized gains from the securities portfolio and derivatives contracts for $ 11.7 billion.

Eli Lilly stated that one of his side effects, an anti-diabetic Trulicity, significantly reduced the risk for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus from a heart attack. This conclusion follows from a large study, said the US pharmaceutical company. Trullists are expected to generate more than $ 3.1 billion in revenue this year, analysts say.

Ferrari has just released its results for its third quarter of 2018. Thus, the Italian and American producers received a net profit of EUR 287 million during this period, compared with EUR 141 million in the previous year. The agreement on FactSet estimates was 208 million euros. In the third quarter, revenues amounted to 838 million euros, a slight increase of 0.3%. The market was waiting for 871 million euros. All 2018 car manufacturers have approved targets.

Lowe's Companies have announced plans to close down 20 inefficiency stores in the United States and 31 stores in Canada by 1 February 2019, with a strategic reassessment. Do-it-yourself and Fit-up stores said that most of the employees' closing stores will offer similar jobs in other stores. The expected impact on earnings per share is from 28 cents to 34 cents.

Spotify Technology announced a stock buy-back program on Monday. The Group is allowed to buy its own shares up to USD 1 billion. This program ends on April 21, 2021.

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