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Violent winds, heavy rainstorms and submarine waves in Brittany in yellow vigilance

If the winds were already strong (100 km / h Ouessant) mid-afternoon in Finistre, then at the end of the day it would have to quickly and gradually reach the rest of Brittany's departments. The reason is the depression that comes from Ireland and falls to the west of France. In its 16th issue of the Météo France bulletin, the four departments of the Bretton Woods were stained with yellow vigilance with strong winds.

Map of Météo France, September 9, 2011 bulletin, 16h / © Capture website Météo France
Map of Météo France, September 9, 2011 bulletin, 16h / © Capture website Météo France

The windy episode started at the end of the Brittany afternoon. It continues until early night, with crashes of 110 or 120 km / h on exposed covers. Floats will be 60 to 80 km / h more east. Yellow alertness towards strong winds is expected to be reached by 23h Finistère at midnight Côtes d 'Armor, 1 h in Morbihan and 3 h in Ille-et-Vilaine.

Heavy rain

These violent southern winds are accompanied by heavy rain accumulations, in particular Finistere and Morbihan. Also, be aware of the risk of dipping the southwest coast. Yellow alertness on this issue affects both departments until 21h and from 3h to 9h.

The tidal coefficient (> 90) and SW sensation expected by Saturday morning led Morbihan Prefecture to a prudent course.

The Finistère speed on the Iroise bridge, at the entrance to Brest, is reduced to 70 km / h until Saturday 9:00.. Prefecture reminds you of this "Given the risk of falling trees or branches, throwing stones, blades that may include walkers, appear on rocks or segments, it is important to avoid moving the ship or sea, even taking pictures of the unusual landscape caused by the weather."This Friday afternoon, around 15:30 The fall of a wooden rail between Guimilliau and Landerneau forced SNCF to stop rail traffic for 50 minutes time to clean the road. Three trains were less than half an hour late.

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