Friday , June 2 2023

VIDEO Julien Clerc in The Voice: It's true that it's a bit unnatural


Invited Saturday, November 10, "Hello World," Julian Clerc returned to his new sworn and coach role "The Voice".

Julien Clerc this year joined the 8th season jury Voice. Guest on Saturday, November 10th Hello strangers, broadcast C8, interpreter My choice returned to this new role and admitted that joining The Voice was "unnatural" for him.

"It's true that it's a bit unnatural. But that's why I do it"he explains. Thierry Ardisson then asks her: "Do you get out of your comfort zone?""Yes. exactly"he acknowledged in an interview with Tele leisirs he explained why he had agreed to participate in the show: "I accepted for a number of reasons: I told myself that I would have fun, then I have a bit of legitimacy in this art transfer. I did not go for the money; it has never been a criterion … even if it is very well paid."

"I'm talking about my feelings"

And well before the jury seat was adopted Julien Clerc he knew very well what kind of juror he wanted: "I think that in the attitude I will come to Florent Pagny, probably, will have less money than he. I speak mainly about my feelings, my emotions. I first discussed this issue with production, asking them: "Do you think I can be myself, stay alive?" There was no doubt that I was standing on my chair and I was playing!"

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