Monday , June 5 2023

VIDEO – Johnny Hallyday: What made Eddy Mitchell laugh at folk fame


During the documentary Johnny Made in France Eddie Michel has returned to the painful moment: funeral Madeleine du Taulier, but he tells a very amusing anecdote that took place during the ceremony.

It will be almost a year since Johnny Hallyday left the weapon to the left. The Taulier is gone, but it's still in everyone's memory. In any case, it's almost 60 years of age under the leadership of Eddy Mitchell. The two men met for the other teenagers. Translator Peppermint color with water was one of the artists interviewed by France 3 as a documentary film Johnny made in France, broadcast this Friday, November 9th. Maxime Nucci or Patrick Bruel also took part in this new TV revenge. But in the case of Eddy Mitchell, this is special. Because he returned to an anecdote who noted him at Jade Hallie's funeral at Madeleine.

" There was something extraordinary in the church "Reminds the artist. And continue:"At the end of the ceremony everyone goes out and, as I was in the first row, I was one of the last to go out. The priest's microphone remained connected. He thought that it was over, and he said: "Now he was waving a shit in paradise!""The joke was not published, none of the person presenting in the ceremony had spoken about this moment. A sensible little incident that had been astonished by Johnny Hallande from the sky and which may have allowed him to smile something despite the sadness and pain they felt. That day, in any case, the priest's little joke has been confirmed by Eddie Mitchell who concludes that his intervention is "it's beautiful"

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