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Valerie Manteau's surprise about "Removing" the Sillon Prize


While Valerie Manteau's second book was no longer on the list, this beautiful story in Istanbul, the journalist Hrant Dink, who was killed in 2007, has yet to be granted.

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While he appeared in the first two lists of works that were performed on the Removal, but not the last one, Sillon, which Valérie Manteau (The Tripod) received the difference, was announced on Wednesday, November 7, at the same time as Goncourt, since the restaurant Drouant.

The jurors also differ: With all my sympathy, by Olivia de Lamberterie (Stock) on Removing Essay, and God, God, me and others, from Salim Bachi (Folio) for a pocket. A special prize has been awarded shred Philippe Lançon, Recipient, Femina on Monday, November 5th.

If Renaud's choice is striking, it should be noted that Valery Manteau is a writer who has a gift that he has been disguised. After being modest to make sure you are not present Quiet and quiet his first book as text on or around Charlie Hebdo (the magazine for which she was interviewed from 2008 to 2013) The back cover simply says that he describes "The sudden occurrence of violence in the life of a young woman" -, she offers with Sillon the novel is also a little disguised.

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Valérie Manteau in Istanbul with Hrant Dink

Stroke teller's walks

It begins as a story about a flashing affair with Turku, which turns into a precise disintegration of the state. In 2007 she was killed by continuing to manifest itself as a narration by a storyteller through Istanbul in the footsteps of the Armenian-born journalist Hrant Dink.

The inhabited city of Asia, where a civil society associated with minority rights is bubbling, walks, cigars smoke, discusses, engages in city life, defends journalists and writers after the July 2016 state commitment …

Valérie Manteau's article is grace and lightness that allows her to interconnect what's happening in the new French head with a description of what's going on in the streets and in the country while repeating the story of Hrant Dink. It is stuck in the stages that appear as much as in the texts she writes, from Dinka, the novelist Asli Erdogan, and from the British dramatist Sarah Kane (1971-1999, who is already very present Quiet and calm) And she does not blush on their part.

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