Thursday , February 25 2021

The trial of Nanterre was postponed to 22 March

The appointment of judges, who had to decide on the jurisdiction of the French court with regard to the impugned John Hallaide estate, had to be settled on 30 November. It was postponed due to the transfer of assets from a trusting American singer.

"There is a new element of confidence in the procedure," announced the Nanters Court Presidency near Paris. The hearing of 30 November aimed at ruling the jurisdiction of the French court over the legacy of Johnny Hallyday was postponed to 22 March.

JPS credibility – Jean-Philippe Smet, the real name associated with the constellations, gathers part of the star's qualities since his death in December 2017. It is managed by Bank of America and singer widow – Laeticia Hallyday. On 25 October, Hallyday's lawyers, Laura Smet and David Hallyday, sent an invitation to a bank run by JPS.

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"The will of faith is the retention of all assets," said one of Laura Smet's lawyers, Emmanuel Ravan. Therefore, it is necessary for the Bank of America to left, so that he can position itself according to our requirements (…) today it is not, because we did not know at the beginning. "

Elder Hallyday, David and Laura, challenge their father's will, which was developed in July 2014 under California law. All the property of the singer was transferred to his last wife, Laiticia, and to their two daughters – Jade and Joy.

For David and Laura, according to their father's heritage, French rules must be applied, that is, a quarter of the deceased inheritance of his last wife and 3/16 of each of the four children. In turn, the "Laeticia Hallyday" asks the French court to declare itself incompetent in favor of American jurisdiction.

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Overall, the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, who died on December 5 at the age of 74 after cancer, would be tens of millions of euros. It consists of properties, luxury cars and the rights of 1160 songs.

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