Monday , March 8 2021

the tax increase will not be canceled, the government announces a number of measures

The three-day demonstrations of social dissatisfaction with purchasing power, scheduled for Saturday, November 17, are set by the CEO on Wednesday, November 14. RTL guest early in the morning, the prime minister announced the event "Additional" fuel tax increase. "We will not cancel the carbon tax"immediately warned by Edouard Philippe.

Conceding that " the country has placed the French in a situation where it depends on expensive, foreign and polluting energy ", he presented with "Quit the plan" With "Many events" about "Give answers to French concerns".

Here are the main steps outlined. These measures will be effectivest January 2019, he said. The government is continuing to increase fuel taxes up to 2019 and aim at combating greenhouse gases and pollution.

  • The conversion bonus is from 2000 to 4,000 euros

The first notified measure is the extension of the conversion premium to purchase a new or less polluting vehicle. For 20% of the lowest French, this "superprime" will increase from 2000 to 4,000 euros.

The government "Undertook to finance 500,000 installments over a five-year period"said Philippe. "We have already made 280,000 and we want to double this goal" to achieve "one million conversions"he added. This measurement will be "Funded from the state budget to supplement the ecological transition".

  • Extension of the system of kilometric benefits

about "Big Riders", the government is going "Increasing the system of kilometric benefits" "Small engine". This is a tax advantage that can affect more French, convinced the prime minister.

  • Tax inspection is not payable

Though some regions, such as Hauts-de-France, pay a "fuel check", it will be free of taxes, the prime minister said.

  • "Energy Check" has increased

"Energy Check" will be increased by EUR 50 as planned: at present, the amount of EUR 150 can now affect 5.6 million French (currently 3.6 million).

  • Oil boilers are removed within ten years

The boiler conversion premium will be "Improved" with the aim of removing oil boilers. PM promises to take responsibility "One-third of total conversion costs".

  • Warning yellow jackets

Edouard Philippe warned of "yellow waistcoats" that will appear on a roadblock Saturday: "I say to the French language: of course, you have the right to prove it, but you must take responsibility and follow the law"he warned, indicating that he was "Concerns about French security" and that the right to protest is determined by law and "Execute declarations" prerequisites.

Laurent Wauquiez, President of BFM-TV and RMC Info, answered by Edouard Philippe, regretting that the middle classes are "To the left". "You can use devices all over the world, if you have not started stopping a large-scale tax increase, you can not answer", he said.

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