Monday , September 27 2021

the prosecutor wants to cancel two names in order to mix the gender

In the UK in 2018, these words are definitely being discussed. After Fań episodes in October, the first words Ambre and Liam, in turn, revoked the court ruling. Lorient's prosecutor made two judgments that allowed the two parents to call their daughter Liam and her boyfriend, Amber, believing that these words could create a "family affection" for children.

"By appealing to the court, I am consistent in this approach as a representative of a public prosecutor. The court of first instance consisted of a magistrate of the judge, which will look at three appellate courts, in fact, the question is," Are Liam and Dzintars mix words? "And then to this the question of law: "If they are not confused, would not they have been given them their interest? "said Laurent Lauren Peirut, Republican Prosecutor AFP.

State Service Doubt

Liam and Dzintars were born in Morbihan, respectively, in November 2017 to heterosexual couples and in January 2018, homosexual couples. In both cases, Lorient's civil status officer had doubts, "said Lorient's Deputy Mayor, Nadine Durieza.

"He told his leader about the situation with his boss, who then sent me to it. We also found out that Dzintars was a feminine and non-masculine name, and that Liam had a little boy's name given to the girl."

The first positive family judge opinion

The report, based on these four opinions, is being transferred to the Lorraine prosecutor. "My attitude is neither fatal nor dogmatic, I did my research, I noticed that the words were not mixed, so they seemed to me contrary to the interests of the child," because it would create a risk of sexual confusion, she said. Laureline Peyrefitte, therefore, "has filed this legal matter with the court, informing them how difficult it is to live with their parents," she added.

In both cases, family court judges (JAF) confiscated the reasons for the parents, in July – Ambre, and in October – Liam, allowing the first names to still be recorded in civil status records. These are decisions that are facing prosecution. The judgment of the Court of Appeal in Rennes is not expected for several months.

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