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The price of the Nintendo Switch (and Lite) falls on Black Friday ?


If you want to become a Nintendo Switch, now is the time. The portable video game console is still one of the best sellers at the end of the year. If Switch deals are really rare, Black Friday always bears its share of surprises. Amazon and Cdiscount still have a few units this Saturday, but it shouldn’t last long.

Bons is planning a Nintendo Switch au Black Friday

To see all the Nintendo Switch offers, here it is:

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Above you is a complete list of Nintendo Switch offers. As you can see, the video game console is never sold separately, the stock includes both the device and the video games or accessories. These packages are interesting because you definitely need games to enjoy the Nintendo Switch, and these deals save you money on them.

Treat yourself to a Nintendo switch for Black Friday

Since the onset of the health crisis, the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite have been out of stock on a regular basis. Among online traders, this has long been untraceable during the first imprisonment in France. In recent weeks, it has finally begun to return to some platforms. If you want to give it to your loved one at Christmas or just offer yourself this gift, use these offers offered by Cdiscount and Amazon for Black Friday to save money.

Cdiscount and Amazon promotion services offer you the opportunity to save tens of euros on a Nintendo Switch. Currently, the most popular package is one that includes a Mario Kart game, a protective case and two steering wheels. Due to the fact that it is a portable console, it is better to protect the device with a protective cover to avoid the risk of damaging the screen. Its success is, the packaging is not regularly available.

Nintendo Switch packages sold on Cdiscount include mandatory video games. There are popular games like Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing, Zelda or Super Mario Party. These games are one of the most popular among the users, it is logical that they are offered in kits that take advantage of the discount. It’s also an option to save on these titles instead of buying them all separately (and at no discount).

Nintendo Switch packages currently on sale for Black Friday with Cdiscount cost between 300 and 400 euros, depending on the deal. When sold alone, the console costs 299 euros. Therefore, you need to add the price of games and accessories, listing all current promotions at the online merchant. On the other hand, we already know that all these transactions will end very quickly, the shares may disappear at any time. Don’t forget to get a good deal quickly. Nintendo Switch Lite is also entitled to multiple promotions!

Cdiscount on the way to Christmas

The Nintendo Switch is likely to be the best-selling video game console in the world in 2019 and 2020. It was discovered by the manufacturer in 2017 and was surprisingly successful in its launch. If it speaks so much, it is, among other things, because it is a portable console. This is not the case with Xbox One or PS4 devices that have recently been eligible for new versions. However, these consoles do not have this undeniable switch advantage.

The Nintendo Switch is a portable console, so it doesn’t fit in as a direct competitor to the PlayStation or Xbox. We are not talking about competition, but about complementarity. Even if you have a home console, nothing prevents you from falling into the switch. You can enjoy it wherever you want, whether you are in your room, on transport or on holiday if you ever leave.

In this Black Friday edition, Cdiscount stands out as a chosen actor. He breaks the prices of high-end products, but also the latest references, so he is one of the most aggressive traders this year. On the other hand, the platform has been offering promotions on a regular basis since the start of the operation, as the French have been accustomed to focusing on online shopping for a few months. Copies benefiting from the shares are also limited.

The Nintendo Switch is logically one of the most popular product products this year, and it will continue. If you want to reduce the cost of hosting a video game console, it’s time to take action. Kits, including a console and games, are great for getting started and enjoying the console, saving you tens of dollars on that purchase.

If you went a little too fast, know that Cdiscount allows you to return the product up to 14 days after delivery. You can very well choose one of the Nintendo Switch kits to try out your portable console and games at home. If you are unsure, we remind you that the return is free, that the merchant will refund you 100%. This is a great safety net when shopping on a merchant’s site.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch, this Cdiscount Black Friday is an opportunity to accumulate good deals. The merchant offers the opportunity to reduce costs as the holiday season approaches. He wants to end his year as he should by selling his shares, which justifies the thousands of crazy deals that are presented every day.

To access Nintendo Switch offers, it’s here:

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