Friday , December 4 2020

The other gives OM the ropes

Between Valentine Rongier and the Marseille Olympics, everything seems settled. The player reiterated that he was obviously ready to leave for Canebier and was even notified of a deal with the Marseille formation. With the exception of OM and FC Nantes, the positions are very far away. As a reminder, the Canary Islands, which dreamed of selling their captain EUR 30 million, are finally claiming an amount of around EUR 20 million. Too high a price for the very tight finances of the Marseille Club. Flawless (on the pitch) in this story, Rongye might have to endure patience.

At a news conference this Thursday, the son of FCN President Frank Keith said the Canary Islands have no plans to succumb to the case. "There have been many approaches to Valentine Rongier. He has a good way out. There have been many OM approaches but they have not met our requirements. There are other clubs other than Marseille. The amount we have in mind is not respected so the deal cannot be made at this time. Abdoulaye Touré is asked, there were approaches, discussions, but the parties disagreed, Merkato is short but still long, a lot can happen, and if the club's requirements are not met, they will not leave..

Determined to take away the player's kindness from the checkbook, Kita chose a very classic pose during the transfer, namely to the club who declared that he wanted to keep his best elements … except for a very nice offer. "That doesn't mean Valentin Rongier is not happy to be here. He has a brilliant mind, he is a great professional and a great person. We have to applaud his performance and his state of mind. we have the opportunity to replace them, but the priority is to keep these two players in the locker room, so if the offer is satisfying to all parties, the better the better ». To follow.

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