Friday , June 2 2023

the death of her husband Jean-Marie Bigard is increasingly frightening!


Lola Marois opens her heart. Shaken by the current situation, she will entrust all her fears and worries to our colleagues!

Lola Marois, as we have never heard before

So many scoops!

When you are married to a colorful hero like Jean-Marie Bigard, you know that everything will not be a long quiet river. Indeed, often criticized by peers, humorists try to live with it. Behind the scenes, his wife admits that it may not work for him. In this article Footix told how much his sensitivity caused controversy between them. However, this was not always the case. Only Lola Marois will return to the beginning of her story and explain how it develops over time.

At that time he was immortal to me and so was I. I was 29 years old when I got pregnant, and at the age of 29 I was ahead of my lifehe was also 50 years old, but it was fine. ” Remember that there is a big age difference between Lola Marois and her lover, almost thirty years. After the actress did not worry about this aspect, she felt that she had always had time to love and cherish her until the worst happened. After all, this is the basis of marriage!

Constant stress

Then, the more years go by, and the more we realize that no one is immortal, not even I am immortal. ” she announces in a voice sizzling. So what could have happened for her to completely change her philosophy? Where was the carefree young woman who wanted to burn a candle at both ends? She will not say that. On the other hand, the description that Lola Marois will give of her precious and gentle Jean Marie says a little more Footixit is someone who is excessive in everything, not one who is extremely careful on a daily basis (…)[he]takes care of himself ”[il)neseménagepas”[viņš)sevinesaudzē”[il)neseménagepas”

Some time ago, rumors appeared in the headlines about the last possible political ambitions. Whether or not they are true, Lola Marois knows that when he thinks of an idea, he goes through it. In addition, the store did not hesitate to dress her up as a first lady just to make sure she supported this type of project. Also, Footix understands that he has radically changed the way he sees things. “Knowing that the result can be sad, and I look forward to it. I pray for the best and prepare for the worst.Great lesson!

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