Thursday , February 25 2021

"The Bear's Baby" Test: "It's Mother Like Others"

He is not a man who gives great speech. Therefore, he will apply a minimum amount. "I did not know anything," says Domingos Sampaio Alves immediately about Seren, the little girl whom he recognized as his father only in October 2013, when she just found a trunk at the bottom of a family car at the age of twenty-three. Over time, disputed along with his companion, Rosa Maria Da Cruz, who has been corrected since Corrèse on Monday for this incredible concealment with tragic consequences for a girl who has been largely disabled, has for his part been dismissed.

In his name and emotion economy, assisted by a translator, the 48-year-old man tried to defend his partner on the second half by increasing his profile of the home, in which, in his opinion, "everything is going very well." Well, when arriving in Corrèce in 2004 to join Rosa For Mary, after their first childbirth, their weekend in Portugal was intended to "do not do it purposefully," the man moved with him in the Brignac-la-Plaine village where he works as a mason. Each of them has a role to play quickly: "She made a purchase, I worked "

In addition, he does not have permission, does not speak French and spends a lot of time in bars, making the household his only companion. What the last one justifies with your education. "In Portugal it is, men are macho," she describes, fatalistic. Similarly, as she would spend this marriage offense, a rape complaint was filed, but was rejected – with a resident from the village. "She caused me," says Domingo. "She's a pauper," adds her companion, fleeing to salvation and apparently in love.

"I was told that Seren had little problems"

And these two other children, who unexpectedly gave birth at home after the abandonment of pregnancy for one, is the delayed disclosure to the other? "I received them happily," says Domingos Sampaio Alves. Who adds: "But then we decided to stop." Emphasizing the unreliability of the "recall" method as a contraceptive, the president asks: "In view of these two birthdays, do you not immediately worry that it can start again?" "I never happened," says accused member. In children's clothes, he will not be warned that Rosa Maria suddenly came out of the lockers, or in the garage, or even smells in the car.

De Serena, on whose behalf he does not speak, he does not know much. "I was told that she had a little trouble," he euphetized, crippling me, Isabelle Faure-Roche, the council of lawyers. She wrote emotionally this weekend on how Serena was disabled from the violence she had received in her early childhood; she, who did not talk about seven, ate for one year, only sounded in touch. "She did not have to do what she did, but she did not do it to injure a child, otherwise she would kill her. She loves her," says Domingo, who admits to ignoring her girlfriend's twenty years in jail. "We would like the baby to be like us to other children, so we'll be happy," he even predicted. Before joining, before the audience shook: "It's mother like the others."

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