Monday , September 20 2021

Team France: "This is the opportunity of the last war," warns Mickael Madar

Former Monaco and Paris Mickael Madar played only three times in the Blues shirt and played all 1996 without a single minute playing. Today, in consultation with Canal +, he thinks Anthony Martial would be well-inspired to use the new cannon extended by Didier Deschamps.

How do you congratulate Anthony Martial for returning to the Blues?

MICKEEL MADAR. It is a gifted and uncontrolled player in the game. He had a difficult course, and his new transfer to Manchester did not help him. Suddenly we saw it too beautiful and too strong. He can also. And he played with the weight on top of his head. Now, given the age and experience, I think it will get better. José Mourinho changed goodwill and sanctions. I hope he finally understood.

To understand what?

This football, this is not a constant chance. Deschamps has given us the opportunity to come back for the third time. For many players, this was not so much. There, I think, that's his last chance, because before he came, Deschamps was still looking for the right formula. He found it only in the world championship. But now Martial is clear: where does he make the right effort, or he will go away. Because before that, I did not feel that he had a good state of mind or that he knew that the train quickly got into the French team.

What kind of player is it?

He is very powerful and very fast. He has tremendous qualities. This is a phenomenon. I really like this player. I'll even tell you better: in fact, it's much better than Florian Thauvin, who has the status of a world champion but no game. I have seats for the French team. If Martial plays with his true level, he can play the game with Thovvin.

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