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Soon fixed number fixed

According to the data of the Telecom Authority (Arcep), one of the two movements causes a fixed number change. It is 3.6 million people who have to inform their contacts about the change of coordinates every year or even print new business cards … and make efforts to memorize these new figures.

However, it will soon be possible to keep a fixed phone number, no matter which section you move. As these numbers are now called "geographic", prefixes vary by location. "01" for subscribers living in Ile-de-France, "02" in the north-west region, "03" in the north-east …. and such numbers are defined according to 412 elementary numbering zones. Therefore, moving to another city means losing a fixed phone number and assigning a new correspondent to the new home.

Businesses will benefit

Arcep has just launched a public consultation that was identified A resident of Paristo reset the grant terms. This is to create portability as is already the case with mobile phone numbers. Once the number is assigned, the subscriber may choose to keep it, regardless of its operator and residence.

The telecoms regulator wants to implement this project in two stages. From January 1, 2020, operators will be able to offer their subscribers a number when they move in an area that matches the prefix. For example, a customer with number 01 will be able to keep it regardless of the city in which he moves to Ile-de-France.

Three years later, 1st In January 2023, geographic constraints disappear completely. A customer living in Normandy will receive the first number "02". And that he later moves to Marseille or Bordeaux, he will keep it. This flexibility will also affect companies that can be severely penalized by these coordinate changes.

Arcep wants to use this discount to experiment with a number authentication mechanism that protects subscribers against the use of contact information commonly used by home phone callers.

This fixed number portability can, however, create additional friction points for pairs that are detached. After negotiating a dog or game console, you will also need to agree on who keeps the phone number!

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