Thursday , February 25 2021

SNCF sells its subsidiary Blablacar

Ouibos SNCF will soon be sold to Blablacar. The news sounds like global warming in the transport world. SNCF abandon long-distance coach trips that are unprofitable in France. The group, however, had to pay for these famous Macron buses. Problem: slow results, fill rate is only about 60% and the deficit is several million euros. Question? Fierce competition. Faced with the giant Flixbus, 50% of the market, Ouibus took only 30% of its customers.

The social plan should be spoken of 102 employees, mainly managers. It is a huge blow to trade unions and employees. If they do not accept the reclassification proposal, employees will be released. SNCF will become the minority shareholder of Blablacar. The Kartor Platform has been successful in most of Europe. His rate: this time learn the same success as buses and expand your offer.


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