Friday , June 9 2023

Philippe Guild: This last promise to his wife Maryse at the funeral


Philippe Gilda is gone. And on Monday, November 5, friends and relatives handed him last grave to the Père-Lachaise graves. The opportunity for his wife, Marysey, to make her one last promise.

The emotion was at a height this Monday, November 5 at Pére-Lachaise Crematorium. Antoine de Caunes, Jose Garcia, Marc-Olivier Fogiels in the 20th District of Naples, Jose Garcia, and Anne Depétrini, Ariane Massenet and Julien Leclerc met to celebrate the memory of one of the long pillars of Channel +. All white flower carriers, as requested by the family. José Garcia, he is pressed undefeated by the end of his outfit after he is fooled by his sidekick Antoine de Caunes.

If humor was one of the main words of the ceremony tears and emotions finally took over. Especially when Marys, the last wife of Philippe Guild, with whom he spent 36 years old, began to speak. Following the announcement of her death, she was not able to respond, after being supported by the disease investigation: " I was so wise She discovered before she remembered the beginning of their love story: " At that time I was very bad, everything was bad in my life, and I felt like a lovely shoulder. […] It took a little time and then one day it was discovered that it was done alone, and it was thirty-six years of love and happiness. "

So, sorry for what she loved very much, it was painful. But as in these long months fight against disease from his man, Maryse Guild remained worthy and full of glory. To remember that word, she turned to him, before he left: " You made me promise to live without you, I will try As reported by Le Parisien. This is also about their couple song " You are so Beautiful Joe Cocker, which ended with his beautiful speech. The best way to say goodbye.

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