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Muse's three concerts in France will take place in July 2019 as "The World Tour of Simulation Theories"


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Three years after the Drones, Muse is again ready to electrify the classification. On November 9th, the British band will release their eighth album "Simulation Theory", which was announced as a dynamic dignity. the eightieth year as evidenced by the dazzling clips "Reflection of Thought" and "Pressure", cult work reference truffles, such as "Back to the Future", "Thriller" Michael Jackson, "Tron", "Ghostbusters" or "Chrie, I kidnapped children". The music of this album inspired us in particular. The reason is that we all grew up in this period! In the 80s we were young children, that is, when we discovered the sci-fi and horror films that we loved and made our culture provides a band inside an interview soon after Pure Charts. This sound, according to the critically acclaimed guys, dominated by the Drones, would like Muse to make better use of the "Law 2" electronic experiments (2012). But fans are convinced that there are enough blocks on this disc to make future concerts unforgettable!

One turns to the stages

Well, after confirming the world tour after 2019, Muse will now detail the conditions for his return to the show. The celebrations will begin on February 22 in Houston, USA, and end on July 26 in Madrid, Spain. In total, these are the 36 dates that trio will be released around the world. Of course, in France, where the group has significant success, which does not change year after year, has not been forgotten. There will be three concert halls in the muse: July 6 Stade de France, July 9 in Orange Vlodrome Marseille and July 16 at Matmut Atlantic Bordeaux. The ticket office will be open on Friday, November 16, but the pre-worker will be on November 13th for those who ordered the album and the official website. In the meantime, Matthew, Dom and Chris add that this trip will be an opportunity to test the virtual reality games created in the "Simulation Theories" songs. This will require a fair place to get a special package.

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