Thursday , March 4 2021

Marine Le Pen condemns government's "contempt" for "yellow waistcoats"


Marine Le Pen said on Tuesday that the government was "deeply burning" with "great contempt" or "violence" as opposed to the "yellow whistle", judging by the "inappropriate threat of arrests."

The National Assembly's President (RN) says in his interview Parisian"It's terrified to see how the government is treating this demonstration with great contempt. There is even hatred, even violence." We even think that the government wants things to go wrong, "says President of the Year in 2017, saying:" Inappropriate threats arrests, fines and imprisonment against all those who are trying to block the state Saturday. All this is disproportionate.

Philips' announcements "will be desperate and disconnected from reality"

Marine Le Pen previously thinks that the statements by the prime minister on Wednesday morning in the RTL "will be frantic and completely disconnected from the facts of the French."

"How to increase the conversion bonus, which on average is only 1,500 euros, how can this be enough while the hybrid vehicle's first price is 20,000 euros?" Asks the member of Pas-de-Calais, who proposes not to tax fuel, "to change the economic model, terminating free trade "and produce" closer ".

The prohibition of the Grand Metropolis of Paris in the most polluting cars next July "spells out the booby of political life" and wants to "just say: the poor are out of town and those who have a good right to enter," she says. Police will intervene to remove any "complete blockage" on the day of the "yellow waistcoat" mobilization, said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner Tuesday.

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