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Manchester City 8. After winning over Shakhtar Donetsk (6-0) – Champions League 2018-2019 – Football


All the rolls of Manchester City, which continues the eleventh game without defeat in all competitions, and a new drive this time against "Shakhtar Donetsk" (6-0). The victory over the river point, which does not suffer from any challenge, since Pep Guardiola's men have never been overwhelmed by the Ukrainians and can not respond to the unreasonable relief that the English club could accelerate when he wanted. Gabriel Jesus stands out with a triplet.

Surprisingly, as it may sound like such a big team, Manchester City was stuck in a weird series in the Champions League. At Etihad Stadium, citizens have just blended three losses over two seasons, returning to the last of Lyon's amazing successes. But, in the face of "Shakhtar Donetsk," English ended with this anomaly in favor of the indicator included in the note. Dominating absolutely in all the divisions of the game, they just put that their laws before the society is still very shy.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem SterlingGetty Images

Walk before the shock

After David Silva's opening goal, which was greatly served by Riyad Mahrez (1-0, 13), Citizens even received from the judge's success when they did not need it. Because if Raheem Sterling collapses at the top, that's because he hit the lawn. In any case, the punishment transformed by Gabriel Jesus (2-0, 24) confirmed a slightly more dominant position in the city while Brazil crunched the leaves before offering double the penalty at this time indisputable (4-0, 72), then the hat-trick , thanks to the light treasure (6-0, 90e + 1). Between two, Sterling (3-0, 49) and Mahreza (5-0, 84) have confirmed their performance by opening their counter on the European scene.

Thanks to these great successes, the Manchester city round has nine fingers, since Hoffenheim, who won the Olympic Lyonnais field, has not yet been mathematically eliminated. The leader in the presentation league, despite the inability to extend his non-competition and increasingly defend his offensive power, has carefully scrutinized his scores before dancing against Manchester. Smiling at his bench, Pep Guadiola even allowed himself to stop his frames before this important time.

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