Monday , January 18 2021

Lactalis-Nestlé reminds Viennese jars and two other products of the risk of disinfectant exposure


In the headlines: the coronavirus epidemic breaks sad records every day in the United States

“For the first time, more than 100,000 people are hospitalized across the country, nearly twice as many American hospitals suffered during the first wave of the spring,” warns the Boston Globe. And the peak n of the epidemic is still not visible. “With more than 200,000 new Covid-19s and 2,760 deaths yesterday, that’s a record, but the American authorities are preparing for an even worse situation,” warns the Washington Post. USA Today quotes Robert Redfield, director of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, as “The next three months will be the most difficult in US public health history.” The New York Times, meanwhile, devotes a long article to liberal nurses. Thanks to them, hospitals are still operating. These nurses travel from city to city across the country, separated from their families for months. They work on ad hoc contracts that give them a higher salary. But they are also more exposed to the virus than other caregivers. Donald Trump broadcasts a 46-minute video from the White House, supplemented by American and presidential flags, and Donald Trump repeats his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud for 46 minutes. perhaps the most important speech of my life, ”the president declares before confirming that he has noticed mass fraud in all major countries. He then claims that it is “statistically impossible” for Joe Biden to lose. The Washington Post speaks of a “rattling and belligerent monologue that mainly emphasizes (the president’s) despair after his election defeat and l.” Failure to challenge its legal challenges to annul the ballot box results. the outgoing president plans to go, announcing that “someone must intervene to save the American electoral system and ultimately the United States,” both are victims. “D” a widespread system of corruption and mass fraud, “said one analyst, . Hill believes he knows the reason for this 46-minute video: “As more and more Republican officials turn their backs on the president, Donald Trump addresses his base.” Colombia: Glyphosate phase-out drug law in Colombia The Senate will hold a vote on glyphosate this Thursday before the last public sitting. The government of Ivana Duque uses this highly controversial spray pesticide to eradicate illegal tree crops, Semana magazine said. Elected officials demand that the Colombian government comply with the provisions of the peace agreements sentences that provide real alternatives to farmers who grow trees illegally. The Colombian Minister of Defense, for his part, once again defended the use of glyphosate. For Carlos Trujillo, pesticide spraying is “a key element in Colombia’s fight against drug trafficking”. But just yesterday, his government failed greatly, reports the Infobae website: “The North American authorities, close allies of Bogotá, have said that Colombia’s approach to combating drug trafficking is not producing the expected results. The amount of drugs shipped to the United States does not change. ” Another argument that glyphosate opponents will not be used during Thursday’s sitting, Infobae warns. Leatherback turtle nest unveiled in Ecuador “The leatherback turtle’s nest was discovered in the Corazona Island Nature Reserve in Ecuador,” said Diario Libre yesterday. “From today, the Ecuadorian authorities will install a protective device around the nest,” the newspaper continues.

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