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Johnny and David Hallyday: son blues

Listen again to Boris Viand's "Progress Complaint"; focusing on Alain Souchon's "Sentimental Crowd". With these observers, these real poets, after a short time, they pose for themselves to sing the lost melancholy of society. When they buy an impulsive, compulsive act, they see a great deal of despair.

And it's true that we have become consumer robots that are struck by the belief in the shopping basket that sprinters are starting to sell, the material vacuum lovers who suffer from the Christmas approach. We collect millions of pixels of our smartphones, which distort our time and spirit. We vote for what promises us more purchasing power, but our drawers are already closed.

According to poet Horace, "money is a good man and a bad master".

Johnny Hallyday, darling, we loved you

For almost a year, Johnny Halidel has died, but the legend is still moving. His post-death album, "My Country is Love," has surpassed the one-millionth trump card for those who developed it.

The legend is still moving, yes, and scary the odor of the vendor, which also marks the time for the sway. Instead of collecting a multi-compromised family, instead of trying to fix the damage that lives without balance, before joining Preslie, Hendrix, and others, the idol has made irreparable sadness.

Without explanation, he did not slip his children from his heart without paper on his own. They are the great soul, asking thousands of questions about the truthfulness of the father's feeling – this secret to them. Fake at night, surviving during the day. Who benefits from this negation?

Boudou family, Hallyday clan in Tuche

Father / son tete-a-tete

David Hallyday sings
David Hallyday sings "My Last Letter" at NRJ Music Awards (Pierre Villard / NMA2018 / SI / Sipa)

Johnny Hallyday has made his children feel that their soul has been deprived. He handed his collection cars, his scattered villas, his bulky furniture, his musical instruments, the cross of Christ, and all his assets hidden in the dark trust of his blonde widow, the green eyes behind his lenses, which made him emerald.

"Laeticia", the second Hallyday icon

The multicompromised family, which is now split into many parts, is damaging. It might have to be around the dining table, but it's on glossy paper that the bloody conflict spreads. Discharge is guaranteed.

Though rich Lictian walks through hot sand, her infant David Hallyday sings her deep sorrow. He does not require his exotic beach piece of land, the smallest racing, the star of a favorite guitar or a family photo. He tries to cry for a funny guy who was his father writing, composing, singing.

In my last letter, taken from his album "The Last Cries", scheduled for December 7, he imagined the final letter Johnny Halidail left on Jean-Paul Philippe Smetta. Like the father and son, the epistolary and lifesaver, tete-a-tete.

As he has a high opinion of what the family represents, he asked his half sister Laura Smet to transfer his talents, who have not yet been used as clipboard director. Johnny Hallyday appears as a wolf. The song talks about the significance of the heritage as a transmission, and as a result of this violence it is a victim of confusion.

Sophie Delassein

Sophie Delassein

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