Sunday , January 29 2023

Infant without arms: villages for the village


Guidel, Morbihan, it's time to ask questions. In the commune between 2011 and 2013, four infants were born without hands or without hands. For the first time, their families could be met by healthcare facilities. To find out more, this feeling is shared by the whole commune. In his office, the mayor does not know what to answer citizens, or how to handle all the received messages. On Tuesday evening, November 6, residents may have some answers. They are invited to meet French public health officials.

"It seems strange to me that it is concentrated in one city, it can be pesticides, but it is volatile, so it seems strange that it is so concentrated., says this river. In particular, it's time for this family to understand. "It happened with our family, because it was a success for doctors, but we understand that it can be something else"explains the father. The results of the survey should be known within three months.


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