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In paris, paredes show their profession "uberization"


Part of the Paris ring road is blocked on Monday evening with several hundred private ambulances.

On Monday, November 5, several hundred paramedics were shown in Paris on the amendment to Article 80 of the Social Security Finance Act (LFSS), which came into force on 1 In October, it transmits the choice that has hitherto been reserved for patients, private outpatient outpatient clinics. The movement that did not participate in the major federations of the industry began with field coordination.

The vehicle ride has passed shortly before 8:00Morning in the morning, Porte de la Villette, Paris, to slow down around 24 hours and lock in both directions part of the capital's bypass. At the police headquarters, 700 vehicles were identified at the height of the stall in Paris.

According to Franceinfo, a delegation of paramedics was received on Monday from the Ministry of Health. The operation carried out on the Paris ring road was still underway shortly before 11:00 and despite the arrival of the Paris Prefecture's security and intervention agency on the spot. According to the Paris Police Station, who reported stinging jets and burned the waste bin, the person was also placed in police custody due to intentional violence against the person in charge of state power and refusal to comply. on the device.

Taking into account the day the country mobilized this event, snail actions were also carried out in front of Monday's Lilles south (north) and Nancy-Barbois University Hospital (Meurthe-et-Moselle).

Hospital transport financing, problems in the heart

Amendments to Article 80 transfer the responsibility for financing hospital transport from the patient to healthcare facilities. Social security now pays a "transport" budget to authorities that choose a private emergency service instead of a customer.

This measure is intended to prevent fraud, but emergency workers are accused of destroying their autonomy and working conditions, as hospitals should participate in various transport companies. Smaller ambulance companies may be at a disadvantage compared to the prices offered by the large ambulance fleet.

This is what one of the demonstrators said on the first morning in the French blue"Uberization [son] profession ":

"These doors are available to large groups who are ready to make significant discounts to resume work. We, having regulated tariffs, are even more difficult to even get a 10% discount, while large groups can close a 30% discount that will slowly kill us."

Health Minister Agnès Buzyn dismissed concerns. "I was very watchful in order not to encourage uberization and to protect against what they might think", their profession was confirmed by the minister, invited to the public hearing on Monday night. The government proposes that a "Hospital, for example, there are two patients coming from one village" in order to impose a common vehicle on these two nations, rather than letting everyone choose an ambulance and reimbursing social security money. "It's not uberization, it's rationalization" confirmed by the minister who promised "Continue to work" on this topic.

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