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In Isère, Lactalis risks up to EUR 500,000 for river pollution

Orange by AFP, published Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 12:00

One of the group's dairies is accused of dismantling Isere's waste water for almost 20 years. On Monday, November 12, in Grenoble, the process of exploring the leaders of the plant was discovered.

Will Lactalis be sentenced to pollution? The Salmonella-contaminated Infant Milk Scare Investigation, the industry group has to address the other thing that this time concerns the disposal of pollutants.

L & # 39; The Étoile du Vercors cheese factory owned by Lactalis is suspected of having flooded the Isere River for many years. The company needed a fine of 500,000 euros, located in Saint-Just-de-Claix between Valencia and Grenoble.

City wastewater of 10 000 inhabitants

The current cheese dairy boss, as well as his predecessor, has been in court since the beginning of the week. They are held responsible for "waste disposal or disposal" and "operation of a water hazardous plant". The company that produces Saint-Marcellin, Saint-Félicien and oak cheeses rejects directly untreated industrial waste water directly to Isère. Each day it reflects an equivalent amount of wastewater from a city of 8,000 to 10,000 inhabitants, provides Sylvain Traynard from the Territorial Department's Directorate. According to him, the rejections are especially oily and contain disinfectants.

Building permit refused?

In 2000, the company ordered connecting to municipal wastewater treatment plants before abandoning, favoring the establishment of its own water treatment system. The plant claims that the city council has abandoned the building permit, which the municipality denies. "L & # 39; Etoile du Vercors", founded in 1942, was bought by Lactalis in 2011. Currently it employs 147 people and sources from 70 milk producers. According to the administration, on average, the plant processes from 46,000 to 58,000 liters of milk per day and up to 100,000 liters for a maximum period.

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