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Georges Tron's judgment seven years after the rape

Bobigny (AFP). More than seven years after the start of the case, which led to his resignation from the government, former Secretary of State George Trond will know the Assize Court's judgment that will be prosecuted for rape by two former local government employees on Thursday.

The Advocate General on Wednesday demanded six years in jail against Georges Tron compared to Count Dracula who "vampured his victims." A four year prison sentence has been demanded against his former cultural assistant Brigitte Gruel, which was discussed at the Siena and Saint-Denis meeting on 23 October.

The Advocate General also demanded that they be declared incompatible for five years and included in the case of sex offenders.

The chairman will speak at Essonne's elected representation and his former assistant.

In a four-week debate, defendants, 61-year-olds, have repeatedly claimed to be innocent, arguing that ex-workers' "resentment" was used by their local extreme right opponents.

Virginie Ettel and Éva Loubrieu, 41 and 44, accuse them of jointly introducing touches and digital penetration from 2007 to 2010.

Forced George W. Tron's scandal resigned on 29 May 2011 from his secretary of state for Fillon's government service. Former deputy, he is still the mayor of Draveil (LR) and county councilor.

Due to the lack of material elements that were included in the file, in the type of DNA and in the direct witness debate, the debate was based on dozens of testimonies that triggered the release if it was a word to the word.

– "Tron system" –

George Trin admits only "flirtation" with former parliamentarians attaching and informal relations, which is still ongoing, with his Urbanist assistant Sylvie Doncarly.

An official elected by the Advocate General "misused his power with his subordinates" and then attempted to "politicize a purely sexual matter" by denouncing a conspiracy.

His requests were impatiently anticipated, the prosecutor's office always objected to dismissal before the election of an elected representative and his former assistant. The trial chamber eventually decided to decide in 2014.

Like the civilian, he condemned the "Tron system," where the practice of foot reflexology measures as a "trap" to reach women and gradually push more.

Lawyers alternatively relied on an excitable outcome on a packed home on Wednesday.

They noted the controversy of the complainants and their repeated contact with the opponents of the mayor.

Georges Tron's lawyer Antoine Vey condemned "rumor and amalgam trial," the file "built mythology", "no accumulation."

His other attorney, Eric Dupont-Moretti, falsified the charge of demagogy, stating that he believed that media coverage and the diversion of female acquaintances who are perceived to be victims were jeopardized.

The case broke out within ten days after the resignation in New York of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then the head of the International Monetary Fund, who was accused of rape in the family.

This judgment is expected one year after Harvey Weinstein's bang, followed by a wave of global women's speeches released from rape, assault and sexual harassment.

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