Tuesday , October 4 2022

Freebox v7 will be released on November 20th


We waited for September, after which the month of October took place without notice. But this time it seems that approaching Freebox v7.

According to our information, which is confirmed by a well-informed account [email protected], its launch is scheduled to take place within 14 days, on November 21, 24 hours after the presentation, which will take place on Tuesday, 20. (The largest operator announcements, which are still ongoing on Tuesday)

Also, according to our information, this box, of course, will be highly oriented optical fiber and very high speed, especially low density and rural areas.

Recall that Free is rapidly developing in a very fast-moving countryside through multiple interconnection agreements with public-network operators: Axione and Altitude Infrastructure, which require respectively 2 and 3 million FTTH sockets (fiber to subscribers).

In addition, according to our information, Free has begun widespread use of special equipment to "illuminate" the fiber during the RIP.

The box could also rely on the 4G network to spread at a very high speed.

The idea would be to offer the same quality service in big cities like the countryside. This, of course, has not always happened today. What to respond to a real request and fill the subscriber.

On the inner side of the box it is powered by the Marvell processor, just like the Revolution box launched in 2011.

Xavier Niel promises "wow" effect

Commercial Reuse Manager (free of charge for fixed and mobile subscribers in the last quarter) to make sure that Freebox v7 needs to be upgraded.

"It does not suit anyone who is already there. The new box has a new use, we really will not see the TV, we want to figure out something in the box, which suggests that you want to use it above the TV. If we do not think about use, it is useless," before a few months ago said Xavier Niel. "For the next Freebox, we need to create a wow effect by promoting the use and inventing a new type of consumption."

The billionaire also returned to the box's philosophy: "At that time, we realized that the phone and television could go through the Internet. We had a horrible bowl packing all three and creating the first box. We said to ourselves: Let's see how the world has evolved. Let's find out how to make The 20-year-old, who does not give up on his smartphone, wants to include a box today.

Lastly, remember that there will also be a second model, more in-stream and Android TV animations.

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