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Francis Wai, Musician "Man and Woman", is dead


Francis Waite, in March 2017 in Paris for the film
Francis Waite, Premiere of "Everyone's Movie" in March 2017 in Paris. GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP

Who did not like it Chabadabad the most famous French cinema? Composer and musician Francis Lai, behind this leading film by Claude Lelouch Man and woman, died at the age of 86, on Wednesday, November 7th, announced Mayor of Nice.

This Niche amateur accordion and piano was born in the first step with poet Bernard Dimey, with whom he wrote songs about time gratin. He signed some of the best hits of the French song, which was composed by Edith Piaf (Berlin man), Dalida or Juliette Greco, on Philippe Lethard, Yves Montant (Bike) and Nicole Martin (Good evening Tristesse)

Oscar for the best movie music

But this is precisely his collaboration with director Claude Lelucci, who led him to enter the legend. First with success Man and woman, awarded in 1966 by Palme d'Or. Nicole Croisille was taken 200 times by the film's mythical theme. Cooperation between the two men continues. In 1970, Francis Won won the Oscars for the best movie museum he worked for Love Story from Arthur Hiller. Subject Where to start Andy Williams performs Mireille Mathieu (Love Story)

The faithful composer continued to work with Claude Lelucca throughout his career, a tablet, and his latest film on the soundtrack planned for theaters in 2019. The most beautiful years – after a cult movie Man and woman. Edite and Marcel (1982, p I waited for you Charles Aznavour) One man and one woman: twenty years old (1986) Damaged Children's Route (1988) who earned him his first Caesar, and There are days … and companions (1990).

Francis Bals will write more than 100 movie films and sign over 600 songs. He has also worked on several occasions with Claude Zidi, whose series ripoux (1984) Ripoux vs. Ripoux (1989) and ripoux 3 (2003).

Less known but equally popular Francis Although he worked on the FR3 sound during the ORTF. He created credits for Les Etoiles du cinéma.

"His melodies were crazy charm"

"With great sadness, I learned about the death of Francisco Laws, the great composer of Nice"writes Christian Estros, pointing out that the city of Nice honors him: "I soon propose to my family to give my name to the symbolic place of the city."

For Twitter, the former Cannes Film Festival president Gilles Jacob received him:

"Very sad: that's to say. He will not give more points. His melodies were crazy, and to him!"

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