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Farmer Angry About Treasure Map Production

On Wednesday, Michel Petibon saw a helicopter on the ground at Cyril Féraud, when he categorically refused to use his land for filming a few months ago.

A cow breeder is not a fool. This week's team Treasure card landing your helicopters at Côtes d 'Armor to shoot a new question. But how our confrontations reveal West France Michel Petibois, a farmer in the region, is very "rebuilt" against 99% of media production. The reason? On Wednesday, he was surprised to see one of Cyril Féraud's land engine engines.

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"Driver A Error"

Making a treasure card

The scene was near the Birlot tidal factory on the island of Brezko. "There I see a person in the middle of a team. He seems to be waiting for something, says the farmer in the columns of the regional day. When I saw the land of the helicopter, I immediately realized what was going on. I was out of myself. They all escaped," he says. before he thinks unloading could have serious consequences for his animals. "In this plot I have three lactating cows. You imagine the consequences if they are afraid or escaped! I am responsible for what is happening, he says. They think they are at home. I don't like their way of doing things," condemns again key stakeholders Armor Press .

This year, France 3 broadcast security manager contacted Michel Petibon for permission to unload in his field. But the breeder categorically refused. "I even said I wasn't insured. I was very clear it wasn't. When they met last Wednesday, 99% of the media reported Bréhatin that the prefect allowed it to be unloaded." That's silly, "said Michel Petibon, even civil security, who has to intervene urgently and for more serious reasons, does not do so much in the market. Their way to do this is not suitable for me, but then at all – he says. On-site production apologized and referred to a "trial error." Michel Petibon does not believe this explanation He believed he had lodged a complaint before lodging a complaint.

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