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DIRECTLY. Global security law: several thousand demonstrators in Paris


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Follow the demonstration of “social rights and freedoms” in Paris and throughout France:

15:25. On the street for several reasons. “In two years I’ve seen violence, it’s abnormal that we can’t film,” said Nadine, a 53-year-old in a yellow vest. But, according to her, “the violence started before the yellow vests, young people in the suburbs have long been entitled to it.” Philip Martiness, Secretary General of the CGT, under the sign calling for the “repeal of the Global Security Law”, estimated that the causes were approaching: “There is no opposition between the freedoms of society and the individual and the fact that the fight against instability and unemployment. “My future is in danger,” Maxim worried, (15) including two yellow vests. “I went against police violence. “

15:15. Several thousand demonstrators in Paris. Behind the banner that proclaims “Freedom, equality, brotherhood to whom! », The demonstrators moved in the direction of République around 14.15 from Porte des Lilas. In the midst of union balloons, the parade takes place between smoke and the noise of firecrackers, sounding “Everyone hates the police.” Originally planned as a trade union rally against instability, a protest against police violence and a global security law merged on the day, led by the trade union and association team # StopLoiS SécuritéGlobale, including several journalist organizations. .

14:50. Slow gait and some tension. According to the police headquarters, the demonstrators at the front of the march are slowing down the Paris march. Several journalists also report throwing shells at police.

14:45. Yellow vests on the move. In Paris, but also in several cities in the province, several demonstrators wore a yellow vest, a symbol of the social protest born two years ago.

14:25. It’s gone to Paris. The march has just left, shortly before 2:30 p.m. Some tensions appear in the police.

14:15. Melenhon sounds. “We have to throw it all in the rubbish bin,” French leader Insoumine said of the proposed comprehensive security law, which he must prove in the afternoon in Marseilles, also condemning the “actual” police unions. .

13:55. Macron’s words make people react. On Friday, the head of state specifically announced the establishment of a platform against discrimination and mentioned the violence perpetrated by the police. “We need to take action on police training and repeal the Global Security Act,” lawyer Aria Alimi rejoices in the march.

13:30. Paris event route. More than 6,000 police officers and gendarmes are being mobilized to provide a route that should leave Porte des Lilas at 14:00 In the direction of the National Square. The prefect of the Paris police has asked all traders to close shops along the route.

13:25. Three ultra-Baltics were arrested in Strasbourg. They were arrested on Friday, Dec. 4 and arrested by police for clashes during a demonstration against a comprehensive security bill last Saturday into which they had infiltrated, the Basebalt Department’s Public Security Directorate said today. Reina.

13:20. The demonstration in Nantes will start from the city center. Despite concerns expressed by traders, the demonstration against the “global security” law will start in the center of Nantes. The organizers (trade unions CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires with LDH) give a meeting at 3 pm in front of the prefecture. Then take the Cours des 50-Otages, Petite-Hollande, Fosse quai, then stop in front of the Machines de l’île.

13:15. Rally at the radio house. Calls broadcast on social networks call for a rally at 13.30 at the Maison de la Radio in Paris.

13 hours. Call for trade unions to demonstrate. The unions are calling for the law on global security to be repealed and for social plans to be mobilized.

12:50. Emmanuel Macron wanted to demine annoying objects. For two hours, the President of the Republic answered Brutus about police violence, face checks, secularism, the place of Islam … Read our article here.

12:45 p.m. A demonstration was marked in the clashes last week. Across France, from 133,000, according to the Ministry of the Interior, to 550,000, under the coordination of StopLoiS SécuritéGlobale, which was demonstrated against global security law on Saturday. The demonstration in Paris was marred by clashes. Read our article here .

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