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DIRECT – Case "baby in the trunk": follow the first day of the hearing before Corrèze Assizing

This is an extraordinary court trial that begins on Monday afternoon in the Assizes de Corrèze in front of Tulle. The mother of Brignac-la-Plaine, who for almost two years had hidden her baby in front of her eyes, including her husband and three children. The little girl was discovered by Terrasson garage workers in Dordogne, in the car's trunk. She suffered from lack of care and disadvantages. Since then, the girl suffers from "autistic syndrome that is potentially irreversible."

A 50-year-old mother is considered "Violence followed by permanent invalidity in the age of fifteen years of age, raising, deprivation of care or food safety in a fifteen-year-old minor uplifting and secretive, leading to an attack on the child's civil status."

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05:40 pm: The court now hears the investigator, who conducted the accused custody court. Žandarmas points out that "the accused refused to attend lawyer services and did not want to notify her family. She asked her sister to be held at the time he was arrested (…) until the first question, she indicated birthday, 24/11 and time, 6 hours 40 hours. "

05:25 pm: Rosa Da Cruza's lawyer asks her questions on the basis of denial of pregnancy, one of the defense axes: "I'm not a doctor or an expert on this matter," the police officer says, after describing the type of clothing that was kept in the house: "clothes for the little Serena were placed in boxes at the back of the parents' closet, loving and caring for their parents. This points to the Serena report"admits the police officer.

17h15: The investigator is surprised at the accused's behavior at the time of Séren's discovery; it was Terrason's garage: "she seemed calm, relaxed that her child was found. Mrs. Da Cruze stood on the edge to smoke her cigarette quietly while the child was next to the shopping cart"

17:00: Asked by one of the civilians about Séré's behavior at the time of her discovery, the investigating director replied: "the child could not sit. She did not hold her head. She was shocking, he had no muscles like a child who was supposed to be 23 months old. " He also explains it the child held a bottle with both hands and feet.

04:50 : The following is the context in which the other three children are born. The first pregnancy was desirable, tells Rosa Da Cruz, the second one is a denial, the third is a partial denial. "I accepted with great love for these three children"explains the accused.

04:40 pm: The survey director concluded that the child lived very little in the house and spent much more time in the car. The peephole accounts of the investigators do not contain any traces of how to buy diapers and other needs for the baby.

Lures and flies have been discovered. We had to leave the vehicle for a long time before we could search. The brain smell disappeared."- Director of Investigation

16h30: The Director of Investigations keeps track of the investigations carried out: "no family member knew about pregnancy or the presence of a child"Neighborhood indicates"boxes to protect the vehicle from cold or sunshineFor a car that revealed Séréna: "she had to spend a lot of time here, it looked like a place of residence. Lures and flies have been discovered. We had to leave the vehicle for a long time before we could search. The brain smell disappeared."

04:20 pm: The roundup of the survey mode is to go to the bar. At the time of the child's discovery, he reports that he is intolerably scented. "Remembers the bird slaughterhouse in Terrasson"said the witnesses, says a policeman in uniform.We were worried about the situation of Gaulans, Alexander and Eliza (other accused children, ed) that we could not find"continues the Director of Investigation. Mrs Daçrück's sister made them available to the gendarmerie at night."

I deeply regret that I suffered from Serena. "- Rosa Da Cruz

04:10 : The accused deplores the bar, which the president questioned: "Did you realize that there is autistic syndrome that definitely prevents your baby from living normally?"On this, Rosa Da Cruza answers: "I'm deeply sorry for the fact that I was doing Seren"

16.00 The president instructs the accused: "Have you heard the facts and accusations against you? You are at risk of 20 years imprisonment ". Rosa Da Cruz explains that "it's very difficult to face the reality of the damage that I did."She admits she has not been charged.

03:50 pm: The hearing resumed and the accused is on the first occasion. The president asks him to return to his career, in his childhood, in his life as a couple. His parents die young. "I met my father's father, Gaetan was born, then Alexander, who I did not know, was in a state, then Eliza was born."

15:45 While waiting for the hearing to resume, listen to Corrèze County Council lawyer, who spoke before the start of the Tyls trial. Isabelle Faure-Roche has said about Seren, who is 7 years old. The girl cares for child protection services, she is 80% disabled and lives in the host family.

03:20 : The hearing is temporarily suspended before the hearing of the accused.

15h15: In fact, it is difficult to see the manifestation of the accused's face, which is masked by hand and her hair. Several times She shakes her head and talks with lawyer Me Chassagne-Delpech at a time when the president talks about Serena's lack of development.

The alleged Rosa Da Cruz, here along with her lawyer, in court Corréze Assise Court Tulle - Radio France
The accused, Rosa Da Cruza, together with her lawyer, took part in the Torso Correze Assembly © Radio France
Nicolas Blanzat

03:10 p.m .: Rosa Da Cruza will hear that the president recalls the conditions for his child's discovery on October 25th, 2013 in Garras Terrasson Dordogne. "We were warned to moan, just like the puppy's sound. We found a dehydrated little girl, completely rubbed, dying. This car had a terrible smell, a smell of death. It's unthinkable to find a child in this state"Testified then mechanic Guillaume Iguacel, first warned, hearing aisle at the back of the vehicle.

03:00 p.m .: The reading of facts relating to the prosecution begins, "which does not reflect my opinion"says President Corrèze Assimo Court. He points out that during his arrest, the accused says:waiting for the garage, put the baby car in the trunk to be discovered.

02:50 pm: Rosa Da Cruza's husband is not present. He was taken to hospital in Limoges, "after he released his leg," says the accused attorney. The court has been informed since last week. After being accused, Rosa Da Cruza's attendant was taken away, the referee could not prove that he knew about the existence of Serena. He always said he did not know. The President of the Court said that his hearing "would be useful for debate".

02:40 pm: The court continues to make the jury. The jury consists of five women and four men (six main jurors and three more).

02:35 Investigations are led by Gilles Fonrouge. Three child protection associations have adopted a civil case. Maitre Marie Grimaud, a lawyer at Innocence, was on Monday morning from a French guest, Bleu Limousin. She wants the Séren's mother to be tried in custody, but especially because she can finally tell what has led her to hide her daughter for almost two years.

14:30: The accused waives her identity, his place of residence. She is still living in Brignac-la-Plaine, Corrèze, where she lived at the beginning. Rosa Da Cruz says that she is "without a job".

02:20 pm: Séréna's court stamps are placed in the Corrzeze Assize Court. In particular, the spike is detected in the car's boot at the same time as the child.

02:10 p.m .: Rosa Da Cruz came to court with her lawyer. It seems to him free court supervision.

14h: Barristers follow each other in front of the california courts. "Serena is not autistic," says Correze County Council Advocate. Nowadays, the girl is recognized as 80% disabled.

01:50 pm: Listening starts at 14.00, and there is already a crowd in Tula Court building.

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