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Connect to networks to succeed!


From job search seminars to training courses to support women in leadership, the leitmotiv is the same: finding work, customers, partners, progress in a company, a renowned network is essential. At least three out of four jobs fill the "hidden market", in this case the old good name from the mouth. "When we conduct surveys to find out what people see as their luck, the network always comes in top three," says Emmanuelle Gagliardi, president of Connecting Women and an expert on women's networks. Working on your network is not a solution, but a necessity. Yes, but how do you do it when you have no time, no fiber, or are you just isolated?

Here are some tips for reducing your time and maximizing your results …

1. Getting started in the morning

Growing one network does not mean spending dinner at cocktail parties or at the neck dinner! Breakfast time is very useful for the task: spending 45 million to get acquainted with the person around the coffee in all areas of simplicity is accessible to everyone. And, as it is unlikely that it will be delayed, everyone who will have to go to their activities, we are convinced that it does not take too much time. Lunch time can also be devoted to the network: instead of closing the file, swallowing the sandwich in front of its screen, it is much more useful (and better for health!) Sit a beer at the brewery, a 60-minute chrono to exchange. Not every day, but once or twice a week, it's the right pace!

2. Pull (at the end) the meeting

Does your business suffer from an appointment? OK good! This is a great opportunity to improve both the internal and external network. For cross-sectional meetings, do not hesitate to start a minute from another department that you do not know well to discuss a bit more. The same thing if a meeting brings together partners, suppliers … When it happens in the morning, why not close to a fast lunch?

3. Use social networks

Social networks have a network … Well used, they are terrifying tools to create a "custom" address book without moving from their office or to those who suffer from poor shyness. The basic rule: Before you ask people on the social network, you need to know what you are looking for. The customer? Partners? Mentor In which industry? What function? When these goals are created, we are looking for ad hoc people and send them a short note to explain the process.

4. Listen to each other before talking

Are you afraid that there would be nothing in your networking meetings? Do not panic. Others love to talk about them and are always happy to listen to the ears of listening. Learn how to listen, of course, you will find in your speaking points (professional, personal, common tastes, trips …), which will allow you to follow naturally. Of course, when your conversation member will give you a word!

5. Run your pitch

"And what are you doing?" …. The inevitable question is that it is impossible to answer unclearly or irregularly. Prior to launching network access development, it is imperative to work on its presentation using the form of catchphrase, which is the curiosity of the conversation companion. Then we develop, always with clarity and precision. "We do not fit into the network meeting, saying "I'll be authentic, let's see"Emmanuelle Gagliardi insists. The more you work at the top of your speech, the more you can be comfortable. "So persuasive.

6. Why do not business clubs?

They provide an ideal networking system. The groups of entrepreneurs, local clubs, professional groups and even graduate associations often organized by the business sector … have the opportunity to meet with peers, share information, build partnerships or find customers. Some clubs are designed for this purpose and do not hide it. This is the case of BNI (Business Network International), located in 60 countries around the world. A highly structured, American style, it is based on precise operating rules. Ideal for the most complex: everyone here is here for the network!

Various skills around you


Karine Parent-Demarre, Member of the International Business Network (BNI) /A.daSilva/Graphix-Images

After career advent, Karine Parent-Demarre created her own decorative and interior design company Balthazar Studio ten years ago. She has joined BNI (Business Network International) in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), where she is located in the last two years. "At one point I encountered an alternative to developing my client: fill out postcard flyers or join a club like BNI. I found the second step more interesting.

Solidarity between actors

The operation is based on solidarity between the participants: everyone, as soon as possible, we recommend to the client or potential representative of another network member. Once a week, everyone is meeting to evaluate the winning contracts, the suggestions given, the development of each offer … "This is a bit of my weekly business meeting," says Karine. which has greatly increased the turnover thanks to the BNI "It also allows me to develop, because when I introduce my work, I receive constructive criticism from other players. We also improve communication."

Group members are invaluable when it comes to finding experts in a specific field: an accountant, a lawyer, a trainer … "When we work alone, just like me, we are happy to know that we have different skills around you. It helps to overcome the entrepreneurial loneliness .

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