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Cold smuggler at Andorra: Launching a lawsuit – 08/11/2018

Pas-de-la-Case, gateway to Andorra from France. / Photo DDM

Pas-de-la-Case, gateway to Andorra from France. / Photo DDM

On Thursday, the Public Prosecutor's Office in Perpignan announced that a murder trial had been opened following the death of an Algerian smuggler who was found at a hypothermy on the Andorra-French border.
"The investigation was discovered for murder, endangering the lives of other people, or more specifically knowingly breaking the safety and prudence obligation," said prosecutor Jean-Jacques Fagni.

28 to 29 October night from 28. Until 29 October, young people suspected of smuggling contraband discovered the unconscious and hypothermic nature of the French Museum in the Pyrenees in the East, less than 3 km from the city of Andorra from Pas de la Casa.

"French customs then called on Andorra's rescue services because they had a quick intervention, including a helicopter," a detailed prosecutor.

The young man was then murdered at the Meritxell Hospital in Andorra, where medical teams could see his death only after helicopter arrival.

Without a piece of paper, as with most smugglers, his family could identify the victim on a Thursday morning: he is a young 20-year-old Algerian who was illegally staying in the south of France. Concerned about her lack of information, her family, who stayed in Algeria, then contacted the French authorities and entrusted the Andorran police.

Judicial information in Andorra and France

"Given the fact that he died there, the body of the body and the causes of the identification are examined by the Andorran court," said Fagni, stating that he had applied for international mutual legal assistance.
As a result, the French teams could officially regain the results of the already discovered Andorra launch. The Andorran authorities would be interested in the second part of the criminal investigation launched by France on "cigarette smuggling".

When the young man was found dead, the customs officers had not discovered any smuggling products nearby. "But we know very well that it is a smuggling place and, as it was equipped, it was determined to be part of the traffic network," said Jean-Jacques Fagni.

Ten stopped cartridges

In addition, when gendarmerie services joined, "they seem to have fired a team of other smugglers", which then leaves their workload, namely, one hundred cigarette boxes.
"It is clear that cigarette smuggling takes place between France and Andorra and that the Andorran authorities will be particularly interested in this part of the investigation," the prosecutor concluded.

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