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Classification ES3 Rallye Monza 2020

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Prior to this tournament, Dani Sordo was 4s6 ahead of Esapekka Lappi and 7s1 over Sebastiene Ojie.


In the first lap, Dani Sordo showed the fastest time 9: 54.5.

Choice of tires for this loop: Toyota, Neuville, Sordo, Suninen and Greensmith with 4 maximum cases / Tänak and Veiby with 5 maximum cases / Lappi with 4 snow!


The only rider to choose snow tires at that time, Esapekka Lappi quickly declared himself the fastest person! By clearly determining the best time, the Finn even took the lead in the event, three short seconds ahead of the rest of the best Dani Sordo. When choosing snow tires, the M-Sport rider is definitely at risk, given tomorrow, when the weather will encourage the use of this type of rubber with a limited quota to be observed.

Behind this duo, a large group of seven pilots gather in twelve seconds! Fourth and fourth, Sebastien Ozier limited the losses in this lap after part of the special speed had encountered major steam problems. In the end, he slightly increased his lead over Elfin Evans.

The third fastest time author, Terry Neivill, recovered well, recovering a good ten seconds at Toyota, which was well imitated by Ots Tänaks. Overall, the seventh Kalle in Rovanpere disappointed, showing himself only faster than Takamoto Katsuta.

While M-Sport can obviously be happy with Esapekka Lappi’s lap time, the British team is powerless for Teemu Suninen, who has suffered from an engine problem that has not been resolved so far. Even worse, Guss Greensmith succumbed at this time, breaking the front right suspension of his Fiesta.

In the WRC-2, Adriens Fourmaux continues to destroy the race, overtaking his opponents by more than twenty seconds. Overall, the young Frenchman in the WRC also ranks an incredible eighth place tentatively!

Andreas Mikelsen did even better in the R5 race than the M-Sport driver and he finished fantastically in third place overall.

JWRC Finn Sami Pajari is the biggest loser of this special! The victim of the road accident sees that the Christenson / Seski duo explains themselves as the title.


10: 17.5
«Bplenty of stagnant water. It is difficult to keep the car in a straight line and move forward. ”
10: 16.7
“It was like a Welsh rally, but on slips! Very slippery!”
T. Noivils
10: 06.5
“It simply came to our notice then. I tried to drive well, but the conditions are really bad and it’s easy to make mistakes. “
10: 09.8
“I touched the chikana (front – left), but otherwise everything is fine. “
K. Rovanpere
10: 25.1
“There was more standing water, I tried to be clean and I don’t know why my weather is so bad. We will try to understand. “
10: 38.9
« Hard. We have tried our best to support, and we need to see if we can continue the rally. The engine is broken … ”
9: 56.8
“It’s a big risk – we need to see the level of tire wear, but it looks like it worked! ! “
D. Sordo
10: 04.7
“It was harder than this morning, more slippery and wet. We survived without problems. “
T.Katsuta “More rain and much more water on the road. It’s not easy, and the next step will be even more difficult. “

NEXT SPECIAL : ES4- Cinturato 1 (live TV) (16.22 km) from 12:38 (Friday, 4 December 2020)

EU3 classification / by EU3 (13.43 km)

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