Friday , June 9 2023

CFDT does not support movement


The CFDT does not support "yellow waistcoats", which is in contrast to rising fuel prices, said Laurent Berger, Secretary-General of the Trade Union, who announced in France on the right-hand drive of the movement yesterday. Several political parties and personalities, Rondemblement national (formerly the National Front), but also La France rebels, have gone to support the protest that must be eliminated on November 17.

The Reformist Union "does not support these obstacles, which everyone understands that they have also recovered politically from the right," said Laurent Berger, also speaking of "manipulations". However, he called on the government to organize "social support" for the ecological transition by providing financial support to households or developing modes of transport other than petrol or diesel cars. "You need to go for an ecological transformation at all costs, but it can not happen if there are losers, if people today feel that they are living less favorably today because we have to do these common efforts," he estimated.

The government is announcing this week a series of measures to calm the anger that has been expressed over the past few weeks against the rise in prices caused by rising oil prices and, to a lesser extent, increasing ecological taxes. .


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