Thursday , March 30 2023

Besançon: The detainee has found the dead, he has heard his fellowman


On the morning of the morning, a 26-year-old detainee was found dead on Saturday at the Besançon Prison (Doubs). His cell assistant was arrested.

"We are subjected to an aggressive gesture, most likely from prisoners to the victim," said Etienne Manteaux, prosecutor in Besançon. He was 19 years old "was placed in a one-time imprisonment, after which he was arrested for 15 hours," said the judge.

The prosecutor was not able to determine whether it was violence that caused death without the intention of transferring or killing the murder.

The suspect is imprisoned for violence

According to the findings of a doctor's first forensic institute, who is practicing a body test in jail, "we can formally exclude an accident or suicide," said the prosecutor.

Monday is intended to reveal the cause of death. The suspect was imprisoned for violence, including uprising.

The victim discovered by prison staff was released from jail in 2019 following a penalty for property violations.

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