Friday , June 2 2023

350 Christmas trees have been stolen from the former “Love is in the Meadow” candidate


It’s not a very happy Christmas story. Emerik Emeilat, a former candidate for Amour est dans le Pré in 2018, produces spruce on his farm in Pleyber-Christ, Finistère. This year, he had to deliver part of his product to associations and schools in the region at Christmas. But now the farmer suffered large-scale thefts on Friday, reports France Bleu.

Simply loading the truck, he realizes that several hundred of his trees under the net on the storage platform have simply disappeared. In total, at least 350 conifers have disappeared. Emeric Emeillat, who also produces honey, says at the local radio microphone that he is “completely disgusted”.

“It didn’t happen right away”

These “350 trees were simply stolen. They didn’t leave themselves, he trusted, and it didn’t happen right away, ”he observes, reconciling the accounts for the various deliveries.

The farmer, who also supplied professionals such as florists, saw that the turnover of several thousand euros was growing rapidly. And that’s not forgetting the “6 or 7 year investment to grow it is a long-term job stolen in an instant. It almost makes me want to stop everything, ”says a man who recently proudly posed with his trees to our French colleagues Bleu Breizh Izel. The farmer, who is still in shock, will file a complaint with the local gendarmerie this Sunday. It should relocate and relocate cameras in the future.

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