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The new generation of Toyota Corolla Sedan is installed on the global debut on November 16th


The next-generation Toyota Corolla sedan will be debuted on November 16, 2018, and will join hatchback and wagon versions.

The next-generation Toyota Corolla sedan will launch its world-wide debut for the first time on November 16th. Although the world's most popular car hatchback and wagon version has been launched recently, the sedan attracts a wider audience around the world, including India. The new generation of Toyota Corolla Sedan has been designed in terms of its hatchback and wagon brothers and sisters styling badges and will also share mechanical bits including engines and transmissions. The next-generation Toyota Corolla is likely to make it to India in the coming year or early 2020, given that the current generation has been around for just a couple of years – even with the recent facial straightening.


(Toyota Corolla sedans)

The new Toyota Corolla will have a much more aggressive and sporty appearance compared to its predecessors with a series of unexpected lights and an angled Toyota family-looking grille. The dimensions are also slightly higher compared to the latest-generation Corolla with a longer wheelbase to get a better interior space. It is also expected that the new generation Corolla will get a bit more sportier from the rear, thanks to the larger corner roof and aggressive tailgate assembly. The interior will be completely redesigned with a smoother panel dashboard and a bright large touchscreen for the entertainment cluster. A typical Toyota Corolla style toolkit will be analogous to the blue theme.


(Toyota Corolla Sedan)


In terms of engines, the Toyota Corolla will have a 1.8-liter or 2-liter petrol engine, while the diesel engine is the same 1.5-liter unit that is currently available in a car in India. Expect an automatic CVT version for gasoline with a manual and manual version of diesel.

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