Monday , March 8 2021

SEE: Serena Williams is the GQ Woman's Woman for 2018, covering Twitter queries

Serena Williams was one of the most polarizing sporting moments in 2018 when she criticized her rival Carlos Ramos as a "thief" her US Open Loose Naomi Osaka.

According to GQ, she is also a woman of 2018.

The 23-year Grand Slam champion, who returned to court this year after admitting his daughter's offspring in September 2017, this week Williams appeared on the cover of the magazine. The 37-year-old tennis star was nominated with actors Henry Golding, Jonah Hill and Michael B. Jordan as part of the GQ Honorary Men's and Women's Awards.

Williams' cover, in particular, triggered a discussion as it featured a quote from the Woman's Woman with the "Woman" – a GQ step that is purely artistic, while some believe Williams is not trusted. Virgil Abloh, the actual handwritten designer of the visit typography, uses quotes Abloh collaborated with Nike and Williams on her US Open clothing, which her co-worker named "Serena" and her dress "Logo".

The questions were rejected, the honor attracts Serena as a permanent icon of his sport, even after one of the most controversial her career points.

The current US Open champion was sleep in six weeks after her pregnancy in 2017 and rose to a rough start in 2018, starting at the beginning of the year. Then she wfrom the French opening match with Maria Sharapova due to breast trauma and penetrated Wimbledon with only No. 25 ranking, despite six career wins there. Williams finished the year to climb, however, moving to the Wimbledon final, and then doing the same in the United States.

In august she An easy addition to the Forbes list of the highest-performing women's athletes, confirming her value as one of the sports' most tradable titles.

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