Monday , December 6 2021

Qatar Airways flies to Orbis Flying Eye Hospital


DOHA: Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, in partnership with Qatar Airways, organizes public and private one-way airplane trips and on-board seminars, including Nursing and Ophthalmology sessions, to support the Doha Healthcare Week and celebrate the Qatari vision initiative funded by the Qatari Development Foundation and run by Orbis.

The Flying Eye Hospital, managed by the Orbis Global Eye Health Charity Organization, is fully equipped MD-10 cargo aircraft with state-of-the-art medical equipment, operations theater and classroom, making it a truly unique training object. Orbis Flying Eye Hospital last year endorsed Qatar Creating Vision in Bangladesh.

Since July 2016, 4.2 million children have been screened in India and Bangladesh, and more than 56,000 training sessions have been carried out for medical staff, teachers and community staff. Together, Orbis and the Qatari Development Fund are committed to reaching an impressive 5.6 million eye care services for children throughout India and Bangladesh by mid-2020.

Akbar Al Baker, Executive Director of the Qatar Airways Group, said: "Orbis is a very praiseworthy initiative that makes us proud of the supporters of the global eye-health charity. Since 2012, we have worked hand in hand with Flying Eye Hospital to expand our reach and help prevent possible blindness. whole world.

"We are delighted that this unique aircraft will be in Doha in the framework of the Doha Health Week, and we are positive that local people are fascinated by this aircraft while traveling."

Orbis UK Executive Director Rebecca Cronin said: "With the Qatari Development Fund, we have been able to reach millions of children across India and Bangladesh, with 473,000 children blindly and 50% of them can be avoided.

The support of Qatar Airways has been Orbis for a long time, and we are very grateful and proud of the partnership. We would like to thank you for welcoming Orbis and the Flying Eye Hospital and providing us with a platform to celebrate Qatar's generosity. "

Since 2012, Qatar Airways has been a proud orbis supporter. Several award-winning airlines officially renewed sponsorship with the Global Eye Health Charity Organization in 2017 as Orbis UK's official airline partner for three years.

Each year, planes visit all countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, working with local hospitals to provide specialist training with their world class medical volunteer team, with treatment and raising awareness of the importance of eye health.

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